Best of 2017

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I can't believe I'm back here, writing my favorite post of the year. And I can't believe that I've been writing in this space long enough to have a favorite post to make year after year.

Speaking of which:
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Unlike the world it seems, 2017 was pretty okay for us. Some years are life changers (hello 2016), some are fun, some are challenging, and some just are. This one was the latter for us, but you know, no complaints about that. It was nice to take it easy and just live for a year. This was the year we learned to be parents and I'll tell you what, that consumed the full twelve months.

I have a pretty open mind about 2018. No definite changes in mind, but I'd like to see somethings at least get in the car, turn the key and just start looking for a new highway to hit. But for now, let's talk about 2017 and what rocked.


Duke B.

You know, having a baby sure does not make marriage easier, but on those days when neither of us has slept, and we both are staring down a long work day, and the baby will not sleep, it's so good to have someone to high-five with when he finally closes his eyes. It's the best to have someone to happy hour with at home on Friday (or Tuesday or Wednesday) nights and watching our baby become a little boy this year is more than just the highlight of our year. It's the highlight of our life.

Duke Benny went from being a little potato in a swaddle, to a running, talking, head thrown back and laughing little boy.


Our House.

Last year, my New Year's Resolution was to quit reworking our priority list for home improvements, and just jump in. There's still a lot to do and I'll spoiler alert this by just telling you up front we did not take on any huge projects, but we did finally repaint our living room, bought a new front door, hung things on the wall and started buying really grown up things like rugs and coffee tables and sofa covers.

The perk to all this is the family and friends we've hosted in a place that really feels like home to us.


Food, ya'll.

I upped my cooking game considerably this year and five months ago, we quit meat and only looked back a couple of times because, well, hotdogs are still one of my favorite things to eat.

I know. Gross.



I'm a believer that the best part of every year is the small stuff. The late night drinks around a bonfire. The after dark swims at Frankfort beach. The 100lb dog, jumping in my lap. The ice cream getting, the coffee drinking, the early mornings on the porch. That stuff.


I have big plans for 2018. This is the year that I'm going to turn 30, and Ry and I will celebrate our 10  year anniversary (!!!). We have our first family vacation in the works and like every year, I know there's a few surprisers hanging out in May or December, or whenever. I can't wait to see 'em.

Happy New Year, guys. I hope this is the year we all get rich and that this time next year, I'm writing this post from a beach in Hawaii with a mimosa in hand. Doesn't that sound nice?

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