Thanksgiving 2017

by - 6:18 AM

Duke learned how to pull his pants down, but not off, and so he walks around my house a good 90% of our lives with his pants around his ankles, penguin stepping around the dogs. Which is pretty tough to do when your walking skills are at a 2 out of 10 to begin with. So then he busts out his frustrated scream (and folks, it's shrill) and yells "Mom! Moooom! Mamamamamama" until I pull them back up.

And then we do it again. So, you can understand why I'm not much of a writer these days.

Also, I'm just lazy. There's something so appealing about Netflix. I promised myself that once I finished Friends for the millionth time, I was not going to just immediately re-route to the beginning and watch it again. So, I just started The Mindy Project for the first time after hearing her interview with Terry Gross on Fresh air earlier this week. I kinda like it.


Happy Thanksgiving, by the way. We're laying low this year -- hanging with Ryan's family today and spending the remainder of the weekend at home, probably setting up the Christmas tree if I can get Shaq Attack out of my kitchen (let's talk if you don't know this story). My true plan is to move into pajama pants and not move back out until Monday morning. I've never been a black Friday shopper, but this year I actively prepared to not have to enter a single grocery store for so much as a gallon of milk. I'm just not feeling it this year.

2017 has been good so far and I'm particularly grateful for what is truly an easy life. The gift of motherhood especially, and a husband who is quick to forgive and can always be counted on for a Dad joke and is never too busy to hug me tight. I'm delighted to have a dog that helps me get my 10,000 steps in every day by being the absolute naughtiest thing on the planet and requiring constant supervision -- thank you George. You keep me lithe.

As I was leaving work yesterday, a bit early, I thought about how lucky I am to have a kind manager and a good place to go every morning. To see and spend time with people who motivate me and who value a questionable joke is not something to take for granted.

I don't want to get lost in huge diatribe, but basically it's this: probably like most people, I often think about what I'd like to have to make my life easier, and material things that I just sort of want. Days like Thanksgiving provide a good time to remember that I literally already have it all. I'm building a family with a man I love and we both have opportunities to provide for our son. I have no idea what else I could want.


Happy Thanksgiving all! May the turkey be *shudder* moist and the pie be anything but pumpkin.

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