October 28, 2017

by - 5:25 AM

So, a couple of weeks ago I was here with a fun story about Duke pooping in the bathtub. Well, today I'm back to report that this is no longer a singular event. I think...actually...when it happens more often than not, they call that a routine, no?

Duke, Duke, Duke. He truly makes everyday new and interesting and THIS is officially my favorite age. Challenging in fresh new independent I'll-do-it-myself-and-I-need-to-touch-everything-dangerous ways, but he's becoming such a personality and he's really fun to hang out with.  I know somebody who recommends babies at his full time job, like it's his full time job, and I'll tell you what -- me too. This parenting gig is pretty good.

New party tricks to pull out of the hat -

- Turning the light switches. On and off - we're just  SOS-ing all day long. The other morning, it was still dark out when he woke up, and I picked him up out of bed. Immediately he pointed to the light switch because that turkey has a one track mind and lights are on it.

- Speaking of waking up, this is embarrassing. Ryan calls me Boo Boo all the time kind of as a joke, or at least, it started that way. Anyway, when Duke wakes up in the morning, I'll hear him yelling from bed, calling for me. "Boo boooooo!"

- Walking! All the time now. And it's a little startling, but he's kind of progressing towards running.

- He's getting a little mischievious. Like, tell him no, and he'll look you square in the eye and just do it. Yesterday, it was the tiniest handful of dog food. I said something along the lines of "not even for one red hot second, don't think about putting that in your mouth." And without a single blinking break of eye contact, he started popping those things in his mouth like a regular old tic-tac.


So Saturday, eh? I don't even hate this weather lately. Isn't weird how much, in May, all I do is dream about warm sunny days, but come September, I'm like, bring on the cool and cozy? All this rain this week has me pulling out my candles, plugging in my heated blanket, and queuing up every season of Mad Men for a good afternoon marathon. It's good. I have a few home projects on my to-do list for this coming season, and summer time just keeps me outside, so I'm kind of looking forward to having the motivation to pull out the paint buckets and check a few things off the list.

This weekend, Ry's dad and step mom are here for a few days, so we'll be lounging around, drinking wine and eating carbs, which is cool with me.

Happy weekending, folks.

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