What We Ate - Volume 1

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So, I've talked about it briefly here and on the 'gram, but in a quick sentence: I (mostly) axed animal products from my menu. 

I say mostly because dairy has been a tough give up. I haven't found a milk substitute that a.) I like and b.) isn't power-packed with weird shit. And at this point, I'm feeling like organic actual milk is better than fake milk with rando ingredients like sunflower oil and sugar. And side note, c.) I love ice cream. Anyway,  Duke eats boiled eggs and pieces of cheese now, and I've been letting him eat cottage cheese so it's slow progress, but moving is moving, right? 

So now, the primary project is finding solid meals that are complete and also not completely gross.

So this Greek Quinoa Buddha Bowl was the first veggie meal I ever made. It was okay, but I've really learned a valuable lesson about this, and basically it's that spices are going to make or break a meal. My mom's cooking has always leaned on the side of very basic spice use, and maybe it's because of that, I'm generally the same way - little salt, little, pepper, little call it a day right there. I recently stocked up on some interesting stuff - like smoked paprika and turmeric - because those spices pop up in vegan recipes pretty frequently. 

 Buddha bowls are like, a thing, I guess. I never heard of them until I started searching Pinterest for vegan recipes, but now I get that there's this world of bowls that are basically some grain, some green, some avocados and whatever else you've got handy. You call it Buddha and eat it up. I made this Burrito Buddha Bowl and it was good. And familiar -- it was like getting a naked burrito from Qdoba back in college when I was consistently poor, so I skipped the chicken because $2 was worth hanging on to.

Adventuring with Duke this time, I made this Brown Rice Penne and Creamy Avocado Sauce for both of us. He was totally cool with it -- you should have seen that little turkey. There was avocado sauce in his hair, in his eye brows, behind his ears. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not even sure he ate any. 

Basically, if the word "taco" is in the name, I'm probably okay with it. I made this Sweet Potato Taco Bowl and was pleasantly surprised by how well I liked the sweet potato in with all the taco stuff. Side note - I've been really into wild rice lately.

This is weird -- I have no idea what this is. I remember that I liked it, but that's the extent of it.


I really like cooking, so the only downside to all this is that I kind of have to relearn what I've been doing for the last few years. And it feels pretty - hm - monotonous? I mean, I just have to find a new groove and I'm just working with what I feel confident in and so far it's been a lot of rice and a lot of beans jazzed up only vaguely different. Whatever, we'll get there. I'll use that fancy smoked paprika someday.


Happy weekending!

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