August 20, 2017

by - 9:09 AM

Duke's about to turn a year old and I have some feelings about that.

I've never grieved time so much as I do with Duke. And I mean, I'm totally neurotic, so I for sure grieved it before -- I always felt like I was wasting my life, just plodding along with the days. You know, just not investing the time wisely and just sort of existing through it. But then I had Duke and it's like I spent the last year standing at my stove, boiling down a feeling that was already there. It's all going too fast and I'm not enjoying it properly.

But I'm not sad that he's getting older. I thought that would be harder -- like I would miss him being a baby baby -- but it's not. A one-year-old has been considerably easier to manage than a newborn. His personality is really starting to show and I enjoy his company and his independence so much now. And the thing is, this part, this babbling, "mom" yelling, mobile little stage is so good, that I can't help but look forward to the future. I really do believe that it will continue to get more fun.

But, if I can sneak a wish in on his birthday next month, I'm asking for more hours in the day. More time for breakfast in the morning, and more time between coming home from work and falling into bed.


So, summer's almost over. How's that for wrecking your Sunday morning?

In all honesty though, I always enjoy fall. Anticipating a season of change just like, feels good. I always think that putting on socks and a hoodie in September feels just as nice as putting on flops for the first time in May. After July, cozy just feels so good, you know?

That said, I'm going to ride out the summer for as long as I can, because it takes a while to swing back around.

I thrive on the classic to-do list, so I put together a few boxes to check before Labor Day. I'll be boy scouting damn it because I will have a bonfire this summer. And making s'mores, and lighting sparklers, and creating memories with my little guy. 


Happy still summer Sunday, folks! 

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