August 16, 2017

by - 9:26 PM

Last night, I read this thing about different versions of hell. Light reading, nbd.

Anyway, there's these different perceptions of what hell is, like the fairly basic one where you're swimming in a burning lake of fire for all eternity. Or demons chase you and eat your flesh. And this scary as shit one about hanging suspended over a mf volcano. I mean, yikes.

They all sound unpleasant, but there was this one version that tripped me up. It was like this: Hell is continuously living through the moments of your life where you were nasty to someone, and feeling the emotions that they felt.

I'm not suggesting that these versions of hell are even close to real because I'm not really convinced, but that last version was maybe the most frightening because that's a real thing -- sort of. I mean, somebody has to feel those emotions. Hell is me feeling the way I deserve to feel for being a shit to someone. Reality is someone feeling the emotions in the actual real moment.

I'm just going to go ahead and err on the side of safety because wouldn't it be kind of cool to get to hell and feel all kinds of warm and cozy (literally?) because I make it my job to be a kind and decent human being?

Happy Wednesday!

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