Thoughts on Turning 29

by - 9:27 PM

So I turned 29 and unlike most birthdays, I didn't really care. It's just...whatever.

Or I guess more accurately, it didn't hurt. That said, I know that 30 is coming and I have thoughts about that, so now I've officially launched Operation Get My Shit Together.

Let me explain -

30 is tough, right? I'm not sure, I haven't been there yet, but I'm familiar enough with social culture to know that it's this thing, you know. And as someone who just dreams up things to be anxious about, I'd like to just sort of skip over it somehow. I figure if I have accomplished a few things in my twenties, then I can smooth sail into the next decade with brand new, more adulty set of goals.

Operation Get My Shit Together includes some boring stuff like eat healthier and establish some semblance of a budget so I'm not the little old lady who lived in a trailer park with all her shoes 50-odd years from now, but I also included things like write a book and go to the library once a month because I want to be cultured. I should probably add something like, stop watching FRIENDS all the time and find a new series to learn all the lines.


Scooting right along to another OGMST goal -- bloggy things. Wednesdays are henceforth for words that resonate, and this could not be more true right now (unless it said 364, but whatever).

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