July 4, 2017

by - 9:18 PM

Happy Wednesday! I'm taking an extra day off this week to enjoy Duke and my deck and maybe George a little bit - and to put into action that watershed moment I had a few weeks ago. I'm turning 29 in a few weeks and I have a few things on my mind in terms of goals to achieve in this last year before turning 30, and thriving, rather than merely surviving is one of them.

So, fourth of July and a little currently enjoying post.

Duke had his first taste of ice cream. We shared, obviously, so he got my fav - bubblegum - and he wasn't 100% sure at first. But give it a second, and he was all like, yeah girl! I was pushing him in his stroller and he was owl (or exorcist, whichever) turning that little head to remind me when he needed another lick.


We did the things you do when you have a cottage power packed with family and friends for the weekend. We drank too much coffee and Irish cream. We hammocked and a certain little boy splashed around in the pool all afternoon. We did some reading. 

We did not check our email and we did not wear enough sunscreen (chill mom, I slathered Duke). 


We beached, obviously. I negotiated with Duke - failed, btw - to get a picture. I was pretty much okay with it though because he just wanted to snuggle me, and I never ever say no to that. Thank you sweet baby Jesus, I got a snuggler. 


We did the 4th of July things. I brought Duke to the parade in the AM and planned his first fireworks show. He usually is in bed at 7pm, so he was hitting a wall pretty hard by 10pm. He crashed right before the show started which was fine with me, because I finally got him to wear the noise canceling headphones I bought him and he slept through the entire show. 


As these weekends always are, it was too short. Hope yours rocked. 

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