July 30, 2017

by - 8:31 PM

There's a few months every year, that no matter how many times I've lived them, when they roll around, I'm like -- this is my favorite month of the whole year. I feel like way about May when warm weather is so sweet after a long winter. I feel it about October too, when the evenings are crisp and pumpkin bread is in my oven making my house smell like a Williams Sonoma.  Still doesn't look like one, but you know, close your eyes and imagine.
Anyway, July is definitely one of those months. This is for sure the best month of the year.

We've had friends here all weekend and I've been playing Scattergories until 1am for the last two nights - knowing full well that Duke doesn't care and will totally wake up at 5am as usual, so I've got my heart set on going to bed early and reading until I fall asleep. Doesn't that sound awesome?

Side note - don't the 30's sound freakin' riveting? Scattergories late into the night and dreams of an early bedtime.

Anyway, July is on its way out, but we've been enjoying the heck out of it --
Birthday things.

 And food that is decidedly not plant-based. A little detox, retox, you know?

And some that are. 

These dogs. They've taken second place in stride since Duke joined us, and I think they secretly enjoy the independence that comes along with a mom who doesn't have the ability to focus on their location all the time. Just, you know, come on home for dinner boys. 

Crashing at the end of the day with ice cream still on his face. Tonight,  he went for a bite of soap in the bathtub and cried when I told him he'd start blowing bubbles any day now.


Happy Sunday you guys. May the Sunday Sads not start until tomorrow morning. 

I'm off to bed and I'm probably not kidding. 

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