May 29, 2017

by - 9:14 PM

Every time we have a three day weekend, I'm always like why isn't this like, a law?

But seriously, I don't want to be all kinds of "now that I'm a lease on life... understand the meaning....blah blah blah.....". But, that's kind of true.

On Saturday, I was pushing my baby in his stroller along the beach and he's cooing at everyone who walks by like a freaking movie and smiling at his cousins like he's been waiting his whole life to hang out with them. Also, he recently learned to clap and even though he has no idea why he's doing it, it's really cute. The suns out, it's 70 degrees, we're eating ice cream, cruising the pier with our family. And the obvious thing is that I looked around thought "this is what it's all about."

Because it is, right? What's more important than spending time with our kids and family?

But then I had this dismal raincloud of a thought about how much of a bummer it is that these moments are such a glimmer. The fact that these things happen maybe a handful of times a year because I'm so wrapped up in doing things that only barely matter, just suggests to me that I'm doing it all wrong.

I can't change a culture that makes a life out of chasing money, but I sure can change myself and I feel like maybe I had a watershed moment this weekend. Maybe the first one ever.


Moving right along from those life changing, priority switching, more ice cream and Saturday morning watersheds, let's talk enjoying, because we did a lot of that too.

We spent the weekend at Ryan's family's cottage in Frankfort with a full house, a handful of dogs, and  a few cases of shandy.

1.) The beach and a pineapple hat that he doesn't even mind. And also pretending it's not that cold.

 2.) Cousins. It's all he's got, and if he doesn't learn to sleep, it's all he's ever gonna have. #onlychildforever

3.) Small Awesomes -- you know, dogs and ice cream cones. Sunsets. Running across the deck on his tippy-toes. 

And at the end of three days, coming home. That's always the best, right?

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