April 5, 2017

by - 9:22 PM

Edit: I began writing this on Saturday, April 1st. I digress.

First of all - rabbit rabbit.
Second of all -- I bought herbs to grow in my kitchen window two days ago, and not only do I feel like a budding Martha Stewart, I've also been drinking mojitos with freshly muddled mint leaves and it makes me feel fancy as fuck.
Also, my son has been sleeping for two hours.

April is off to such a nice start, don't you agree?


Seriously though, the suns out and we're rocking 60 actual degrees. The river opened up on Saturday and my dogs are enjoying barking at every single fisherman that does the awkward water waddle passed our house. And I'm letting them because it's been a while since they've had any entertainment.

Speaking of them, I put my thinking cap on this week and bought those turkeys some new toys because I had this epiphany that maybe the reason George is so damn naughty is because he's bored. Lo and behold, guess who's been a total angel dog, carting around his fresh rope toy?

He did eat a couple of apples off my counter, but now that I know the price of replacing milk pumping supplies, I'm thinking that apples ain't no big thing.


Fast-forward to the part where I'm still writing this on Wednesday....night.

Man, what a long week. I'm running out of steam to keep operating on limited sleep, like I've been running on fumes for a while, and even the fumes are giving out. But! You guys! Last night, on Tuesday, April 4, the holiest day in the history of ever, Duke Benjamin Hodges slept through the entire night for the very first time. From 7pm-ish to 6:15ish. I think God himself intervened.

When my alarm went off, I had to really think about it. Was I in such a zombie mode that we woke up and I just, like, forgot about it? Jury's still out on that, because anything is possible, but I'm pretty sure we all just slept.

Look how happy sleep makes us!


Happy Wednesday! Here comes the weekend!

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