March Madness

by - 8:38 PM

You know what's hilarious? The number of days in a row (going on 28 years now) that I get lazy at night and think to myself oh, I'll do blah-blah in the morning. Like I might actually do it in the morning.

I mean, I won't.

Here's what I've got on my agenda for tomorrow morning:

Take out the trash. Plausible, only if convenient.
Put away the laundry. Strong maybe, leaning towards nope.
Paint my nails. For real.
Have a brief meltdown. I added this to the list because it's a definite and I'd like to cross something of my to-do list.

Goals, ya'll.


I going to say now - in an effort to not only be authentic, but also because I need to talk about it - being a working mom is hard. I won't elaborate a lot because I don't want to come off as ungrateful, but I will say this: I haven't slept through the night since September 12, 2016. I'm dealing as well as you would expect, assuming of course that you know that I'm supremely whiny and prone to complaining loudly.

But man, waking up to this little face, even if it is at 4:30am, is so so so worth it. I'd give up sleep for the rest of my life and never hesitate for a second.

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