March 19, 2017

by - 10:18 AM

First of all, happy birthday to the kindest, most fun, and friendliest girl I know, Officer Kelsey. Everyone says those kind of pleasantries about their best friend- especially on their birthday-  but Kelsey is genuinely the nicest, most inclusive girl you'll ever meet. Girl, may all your dreams come true in this brand new decade.

Hey guys! Long time, no talk, right?

Let's jump right in, because I'm sure you're just dying to know what's been keeping me from my little pocket of internet real estate. And not to blame shift or anything, but...Georgie. 

And Duke. That little turkey knocks me out, but at least he's not naughty yet, you know? Georgie though, hell directly on wheels.

Last week, Ryan was in Arizona for a few days while I flew the mom plane solo for the first time. During that time, George became emotionally distressed with physical manifestations and proceeded to poop no less than five times in my house. And oddly enough, I found it, not with the my eyes, but with my foot. Every. Single. Time. 

He also peed on my rug. My new rug. My cream colored rug. Four days after I bought it.

He treated himself to a loaf of bread, a full bag of apples, and approximately three sponges directly from the sink. 

Today, he ate my breast pump. Well, he didn't digest it only because he can't, but he did chew it into oblivion. 

The only thing he has going for him is his supremely cute face. And he really loves his baby brother, and that cuteness is pretty hard to ignore, too. 

Did you know that I have two other pups? They are literally never naughty, so I never have to talk about them. They just go about their day, napping and begging for snacks like normal dogs. 

In other news, I was a total baby about daylight savings last week, but now that we're a few days in, I am all kinds of delighted to enjoy some sunlight. You know, after the baby goes to bed, after dinner, and it's still sort of bright out there. Doesn't it knock your socks off how much a little light can just make things better? 


Last week, in unusual news, I packed up the baby and left the house. Weird, right?!

Frederick Meijer Gardens is doing their annual butterflies thing, so my sister and I bundled up the kiddos and brought our little circus out and about. It was mostly good, until we parked our crazy train at Old Chicago and our two babies remembered how much they like to cry. Duke and his cousin Hayden traded off for a good hour. I put a fry in my kids mouth and just kind of accepted that I'm not going to be any kind of admirable or hashtag goals in my mothering. I also had my first shandy of the year. Coincidental, of course.

Random, and so fun, I ran into my best friend at the gardens. She was walking in right as I was walking out and it was like seeing a unicorn. We both live a good couple of hours away from the gardens, so it was crazy that we both happened to think it was a good day for a road trip to the same exact place at the same exact time. We usually only get to see each other once a year at Christmas, so it was a rare treat.


For what it's worth, I really struggle to write this time of year. Every year it's the same, I just can't dream up a thing to talk about. So....see ya in April!

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