February 19, 2017

by - 7:16 PM

Oh man, 57 degrees yesterday you guys, and what a pleasant break from the standard snowy hellishness of February. If Ryan wasn't there to stop me, I'd have every single window in my house open just to invite that sweet breeze to come on in and stay awhile.

And five minutes later I'd have them closed again, because let's be real, 57 degrees is still kind of chilly. But whatever.
Saturdays in February are usually hunker down and don't leave the house days. I typically clean in the morning, nap with the baby in the afternoon, and try to fit about 47 episodes of Friends and a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches in there somewhere. Yesterday though, I bundled up the baby and packed an arsenal of things to keep him sort of entertained for a few hours, and off we went adventuring.

Now, don't get too excited. My brand of adventuring meant a walk on West Bay and a stop at Meijer, but you guys -- it was a weekend and we went somewhere. Who knows what kind of crazy things we might try today.

Duke took all this kind of fun to mean that we don't take naps anymore, so he was a total crab apple while I was in the kitchen making a late-ish dinner (meatball sandwiches are my new go-to and George approves if you know what I mean). Anyway, I had dreams in my head of July, when it's light as the afternoon at 7pm and I'll have the music playing and the windows open and we'll eat dinner on the deck. And I'll have a cocktail and the dogs will jump off the dock and play in the river and smell like mud and we'll hear the neighbors kids screaming as they jump off their own dock next door and popsicles will be on our weekly grocery list and ...man, I could just go on and on. Can't you just see it?

In other, unrelated news, Duke laughs his head off when he hears the Big Butt song. I was playing some tunes last night while making those meatballs and when it came on, he just giggled and chirped in his little bumbo for about four minutes. He also likes to be called Big Poppa as it turns out.


Happy new week, you guys!

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