January 15, 2017

by - 7:40 AM

I've got a four month baby update queued up and fifty percent written, so we'll catch up on how much my infant does not sleep these days (and nights!), but for now I'm going to skip that. I'm only acknowledging it early on so you understand the magic that is currently happening -- he's taking a nap.  Hallelujah.

He sure is precious though, isn't he?


Sooooo, last weekend was a party. Remember when I mentioned that we were renting a cottage as a fam and power-packing it with everyone for a two day bender of cards against humanity and too much food? Well, kick in some Dance Dance Revolution and we're in business.


I'm a little sad, thinking about the future and how few opportunities there will be down the road to continue these get togethers. Most of the kiddos are grown up, venturing into college and spending their holidays doing their own thing. There's the obvious family stuff too -- disagreements that are either taken too seriously or too far, depending on who you ask. And distance, physical and otherwise.

If I could bottle this good part of our lives up and preserve it, I would. The parts where everyone is young and healthy. When we all have time enough to spare to dedicate one weekend to building and maintaining our relationships and just enjoying each other. The early part, when we're all scooched in close around a tiny coffee table with Trivial Pursuit cards laying on the floor, and a baby who just wants to eat the pie shaped game pieces. The middle part, when we're all tripping each other and jumping over couch cushions to eat some of whatever Luanne is pulling out of the oven. The late part, when there's Moscow Mules minus the copper cups (we ain't fancy) and simultaneous games of poker and cards against humanity, two separate tables, two separate games, that don't stop us from shouting across the room and laughing together. The best part, when Ryan is explaining to his big sister what some of those CAH cards mean, and she bursts out laughing "why is there even a word for that?!"

That's the stuff that I want. And I want it so badly for my son. If I could wrap it up and put a big bow on top, I would. And I'd give it to him year after year.

Last holiday post until next year -- I promise.

Happy Sunday, you guys!

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