December 11, 2016

by - 1:46 PM

First things first -- tomorrow, my baby boy is going to be three months and basically I'm wondering why the first three months of your baby's life, or the three months of summer, or three months of maternity leave blaze by like a few red hot seconds, but January, February and March are like ten years each. 


So anyway, we've got a white Christmas on our hands. I think it's been snowing for about four days straight and I'm not even mad about it. Actually, fun fact, a year ago today Ryan and I closed on our house. It was 50-odd degrees and there was not a white Christmas in sight. 

The dogs are all about this snow business. It's hilarious -- so George and Jack play together all the time while Ralph just tries to fit in about 74 naps a day. George can bound through the snow pretty damn gracefully, but Jackers? It's up to his armpits and when he chases Georgie, he straight up disappears into the snow before popping back up. It's a little like Whac-a-Mole, but funnier. 

That flying mop is a dog, I promise. 


Moving on, we're in full on Christmas mode around here. Even before I got pregnant, I looked so forward to holidays with kids. I'm really over adult only holidays because they're 100% lame. Like, what is halloween if you're not binge drinking in college, but you're also not someone's parent? Dumb, okay? 

So, now we're here and Duke doesn't get what's going on, but he likes the lights. This weekend, I'm dragging Ryan through Cyclemoore to check out the Christmas get up. Obviously I'm pretending it's for Duke, but it's definitely for me. 

In keeping with he holiday magic, Duke is rocking Christmas jammies on the regular, which by the way, is the only thing you need for babies, and I've also got the holiday jams on repeat. Of course Destiny's Child is a gimme, but I also love Sam Smith and my new favorite, Pentatonix. 

So, we're just over here jammin' away. Duke thinks I'm a lunatic, but he giggles at me when I dance him around the room to the Christmas Conga, so hopefully I'm a funny lunatic. 

Happy weekending!

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