November 27, 2016

by - 10:09 PM

So, on Thursday, we tricked everyone into coming over to our place under the ruse that it was Thanksgiving, when really it was George's birthday. That little devil dog is one year older and inching ever closer to - fingers crossed - calming down and escaping puppyhood. Ha! 

I remember when we got him and then a week or so later I discovered that I was pregnant.  I hyperventilated so hard that morning. We'd had him long enough to know he's a real pistol and the ensuing months have been a blast, validating completely that early conclusion. No regrets though, puppy or pregnancy. 


Anyway, Thanksgiving. Nothing like it, you know? House full, hearts full. Too much food, never enough couches to collect the tryptophan comas, and best -- a safe family game like Apples to Apples. Until Grandma throws down her "whips" card when the word is "spicy". Helllllo grandma! And please pass that bottle of Reisling. Refills for everyone.

Duke was the star of the show at his first real holiday. He was about as happy as a gopher in soft dirt. He got to nap in someone's arms all day because not for a single second did he get set down. He was so wiped out though at the end of the day. It was probably six o'clock when he conked out for the night with absolutely no work involved into tricking him to close those eyelids. 

Now for a quick round-up on the highlights:

  • Ryan built a beautiful dining room table just for this occasion, but also because we needed a bigger one. We have a family now - duh. Thanksgiving just provided a deadline. Anyway, I had no idea he was so handy, but now I've got all kinds of projects lined up for him. 
  • Speaking of house projects, after much deliberation, we picked a shade of beige to paint our living room and gave it a fresh coat. On Tuesday, we thought to ourselves, "selves, what should we do four hours before our family starts arriving for the holidays? Paint, you say! Okay!" So we did. 
    • Mommin' ain't easy, so I had an infant strapped to my body 86% of the time, just to add to the fun. 
  • In news that is funny, after a quarter glass of wine, he told me to cool it on the booze. I guess he's thinking that after nine months of pregnancy and ten weeks of breastfeeding, my tolerance just isn't what it used to be. He didn't know I was involved in that spicy game of Apples to Apples, and no intoxication necessary, I got loud fast. 
  • Haha, my sister was holding Duke when his leg mysteriously got wet. She thought he peed, and I had the delight of telling her it was actually poop and lots of it. 
  • I made this Caramel Apple Cake and it was pretty much too sweet for normal people to eat. That didn't deter me. I have limited regard for my diabetic future. 


My maternity leave is officially down into the single digits and I'm headed back to my desk this week, so this weekend, I'm hunkering down with my little one to enjoy our last daytime naps and long, lazy mornings together. I'm soaking it all in, holding him through his naps and inhaling hard when he nuzzles into my neck. I'm logical, so I know I'm basically just talking, but I keep appeasing myself by assuring him that even when I'm gone, I'm always going to come home. I hope he gets it, because I think eight hours is going to feel like a really long time for a few days this week for both of us. But you know, we'll get into the swing of things soon. It's not going to take him long to realize that his dad is tons more fun that I am. Evidence? Sure -- Ryan stuck a piece of bacon in his mouth.

In the meantime, let's focus on Christmas because here it comes and doesn't it just make you feel like a warm and fizzy glass of champagne? But let's not rush it, okay? I want to enjoy the lights, the Bing Crosby, the egg-nog, the cute, pudgy little Duke in his Christmas footie jammies,  and the Kevin McAllister to the max. And I need every day between now and the day after Christmas to take it all in. 

Happy Sunday!

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