November 30, 2016

by - 7:47 AM

So guys, it happened. My maternity leave finally ran out and I went back to work yesterday. And you know, it was really good.

Now, keep in mind that I haven't gotten up, gotten dressed, and gotten out the door before 8am since, oh, the last time I went to work twelve weeks ago, and the morning grind is a little different this time around. But Duke and I found a groove that works and even though we're only on day 2, it's working out. We both get up around 5am and play for a little bit, then he inevitably has a treasure of a diaper for me within the next 45 or so minutes -- quick story/ies -- first day back and a little stressed for time, he pooped on my shirt -- literally squeegied out of his diaper all over my arm  And this morning it was all over my pajamas because I was smart enough to not get dressed before the explosion.  Anyway, I take the opportunity to get him cleaned up, dressed for the day and fed. Then he falls back to sleep for a few hours while I get ready. It works well.

I kind of prepped myself for it to be a tough morning, but -- and I feel guilty about this -- it kind of wasn't. It was really okay. It was good to talk to adults and drink coffee that's caffeinated and listen to the music really loud in my car. and feel like my day has some kind of contributory meaning. And not that I don't feel a real conviction to raise my son and that doing so isn't a contribution, but you know, ebb and flow, right? I want to do both. So, the day went a lot faster than I thought it would, and when I got home, it was the cherry on this life is good sundae when that little turkey smiled at me and cooed those sweet little sounds like he'd been saving them up all day.

On a funnier note, it was Ry's first full day with the baby alone, although he had his mom on hand for the first half of it. Anyway, he doesn't know the baby's schedules as closely as I do, namely the poop schedule, so he was pretty concerned when he didn't encounter a poopy diaper all day. "He doesn't poop, Jennifer," he told me.

He doesn't poop, eh?

Happy Wednesday, you guys! Isn't it fun to have days with meaning? Halfway to the weekend!

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