October 5, 2016

by - 4:01 PM

You guys, lets just cut to the sad, sorry little chase here: Duke has given up sleeping today and it has been a giant shit-show.

Hold me, he says. All the time.

Actually, let me back up because he will sleep, for about ten minutes at a time. Until I set him down -- that's when the world explodes. So, I hold him. Permanently. Then he can throw down a three hour nap. Now, let's start with the cons and end with the pros, so we have a happily ever after, okay?


  • Zero percent of anything got done. I mean, I made a cup of coffee and that's about the extent of my productivity. 
  • Tonight, we starve because I was supposed to grocery shop today, but with a baby who can't be set down, I decided that would be more bonkers than I can take in public.
  • Baby cries will do a number to your sanity. Like, after several hours, it will wipe.it.out. 


  • Excuse to lay in bed and nap all day with the occasional reading sesh. I'm in the middle of A Thousand White Women, if you're interested. Four stars, btw. 
  • I'm not going to complain about holding my baby in my arms or his desire to be there full time. Someday I'll miss this, so I'm soaking it up while I can. 
  • Ryan golfed all afternoon, and felt adequately bad for leaving me alone, so he made dinner. He power-packed my grilled cheese and I ain't even mad. 
  • We're bonding you guys. This is important, so that he doesn't forget who I am when I go back to work. Sob. 
  • I've learned how to paint my nails with a baby in my arms. That's talent show worthy, if you ask me. 

Biggest pro, look how freakin' cute he is. 

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