October 30, 2016

by - 12:31 PM

I'm all about routines these days. Getting the baby on a nap routine, an eating routine, a bedtime routine. Getting myself back into get-up-and-get-ready-for-work routine. And lately, get on a blogging routine.

That's all well and good, but the baby tends to eat when he damn well feels like it, and I haven't gotten out of bed at 6am in a long time, mostly because I'm usually getting up at 2am or 4am. And that blogging thing? Yeah, it's usually a tug of war with blogging holding down the fort on one side, and Netflix, a nap, and the dishes in my sink ganging up together on the other.

Whatever. I'll get it together someday. It just might not be like, this morning. Someday just means anytime between now and when I die, so fingers crossed, we've got a while.

So, it was a pretty decent week around here. We had our first snow of the season, and I got a little emotional about it being the first snow of Duke's life. I mean, we can never get that experience back, you know. From here on out, snow is old hat.

Then this weekend, we had a little get together for the State game and halloween party complete with IV bags filled with vodka. I'm still teetotaling, so I didn't partake, but they sure looked like some Martha Stewart level spooky fun.

Alright, now onto the interesting stuff -- links for you! Here's what's been keeping busy into the wee hours of the night:

First up -- you're so welcome for this -- if you like Weird Al, check out his debate songs.  They're unbiased, non-supportive (to one particular candidate, I mean) fun and if  ROFL was an actual thing that people did, I would so be ROFL'ing.

Are you hungry? Of course you are. I'm stepping up my cooking game and simultaneously trying to lose some bay-bay weight. So it's low-carb for every meal. This spinach and artichoke spaghetti squash recipe did not disappoint.

You guys, Space Jam is returning to theaters for its 20th anny. Shut up, shut up, shut up! Back to Moron Mountain because we are ready to rumble!

Love this Etsy shop that I stumbled upon.

I'm not particularly stable in the emotions department, so this book hit me pretty hard in the feels.
"Everyday, everywhere babies are loved. For trying so hard, for traveling so far, for being so wonderful, just as they are."

Happy Sunday you guys, I hope your week rocks as hard as this little dude in this little hat!

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