October 16, 2016

by - 5:39 PM

So, full disclosure, I started this post at least two weeks ago, and every day, I think today is the day! I'm going to hit publish and maybe this will be my viral post and I'll finally become a real writer. Dreaming is free in this country, guys. Anyway, then Duke just sort of requires me to be a mom all day and by the time he falls asleep, I'm right there with him.

PS -- anyone who suggested that maternity leave is some kind of vacation, myself included, gets a giant punch in the face. Before I left work, I made this really ambitious and also totally hilarious list of all the things I wanted to accomplish with all my "free time" on maternity leave. Let us laugh together, folks. God himself saw my list and was like, hey, you know what's fun? An infant that doesn't sleep!

Speaking of him, oh man you guys, he's a month old and already changed so much. He's growing out of some of his newborn clothes - sigh - but is also doing really cute things like smiling, and maybe recognizing his own mama? It kills me, sometimes I lay next to him and he'll stir a little bit, reach for me and when he feels my body next to him, he'll go right back to sleep. Remember how whiney I was about pregnancy? Yeah, it was all worth it.

The last month has provided big educational weeks for both Duke and me. He's busy learning sounds and sights and the like and just in general practicing being the cutest thing I've ever seen, while I'm slammed with trying to be a mom. Here's what I know: you become monumentally fast. Oh the baby is sleeping for ten full and complete minutes? -- Okay, clean the bathrooms, sweep the kitchen, run a load of laundry, hit the "go" button on the dishwasher, let out the dogs, feed them, snuggle them, take approximately one bite of the apple you started on, rush back to the now crying baby. And wait two hours to do it all again.

I should have prefaced though -- this nap time thing is a constant struggle of should I fold laundry or should I watch TV? And nine times out of ten, I fuck around for the full ten minutes wondering what I should do and maybe I'll straighten a pillow or something in that time.

In other news, I have some things to tell you about. Whatever, I'm a temporary housewife with a ridiculous number of hours of nighttime feedings to keep me on the internet, just prowling you guys.

  • I really encourage you to track down the Forest Gump soundtrack on Spotify. It rocks. You're welcome. Also, totally baby friendly if you have a taste for Jay-Z but don't want your babe to practice Hova's vocabulary. 
  • I've been really into Thug Life tees for a while now, and especially love this one. Hashtag 'Tis the Season and doesn't it just break your heart?
  • In my quest to become all star at this mom business, I've picked up baking. I've made this pumpkin bread like 12 times since Duke was born. Mostly because we like them and I've got the rhythm down, so they turn out decently every time. 

This was fun right?!

Happy Sunday!

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