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So, a little life update since it's been a while for one of those. And I mean life, not even pregnancy, even though, yes I am still pregnant. And I'm totally mad about it. And the humidity of the last two days has me on my knees praying to Jesus that he will get this baby out pronto. So far, the heaven hotline has been a dial-tone. But don't worry -- I'm a pro crazy girlfriend and I will just keep calling.

But anyway, that's not what today is about.

This morning, Ryan took a gun to a giant hornets nest that he's been at battle with for the last month. So it all started in early August when I brought it to his attention that there was a relatively non-intrustive big ass hornets nest hanging in a tree right next to one of our guest bedrooms. He got fascinated with it and then decided it was hardcore intrusive when our ding-dong dog, George, decided to EAT one of those wasp-y things. Don't freak out -- he got a huge lip, but that was it. It was mostly hilarious. Anyway, Ryan goes to town (literally, but that's not what I mean) and brings out the hazmat suit (you know, camo hunting bibs, complete with the orange face mask) and hoses that monstrosity down with some really satisfyingly foamy bug spray. We both watched from the slider doors as the hive went nuts and bugs started falling from the sky mid-flight.

Fast-forward a few weeks to today. Ryan threw a rock at the hive and we quickly learned that the foamy bug spray did not do its job. He proceeded to throw ANOTHER rock at it. It's kind of entertaining actually. Anyway, as a friendly swarm builds into a freakin' cloud, Ryan suddenly remembers that he believes in the second amendment and collects a BB gun from the bedroom + more bug spray. Here's where it gets fun.

Now, I'm humbly folding laundry while this is all occurring, and after three quick boom-boom-booms, all three of my dogs are helping me. They want to help me so much, they follow me from room to room, shaking with excitement. I see Ryan crouching on our deck with the bug spray in hand, before sprinting back inside, slamming the patio door shut, and locking it. You know, just incase the wasps can open slider doors.

**Quick addendum: Ryan was really offended when I implied that he used a BB Gun. Apparently, I don't know firearms very well. It wasn't a BB Gun, it was a shot gun. Which variety, I don't know.

The hornets nest is officially handled, you guys. Handled.


A few things we're enjoying around here:

Labor day and the final hot exhale of summer.

Crisp, early mornings that call for hot coffee and all the candles. 

Rootbeer in glass bottles. Coozy it up, and it feels almost like normal.

Family visiting and 10,000 dogs. 

The last few days of this pregnancy. Savoring the little baby kicks and hiccups and marveling at the power of the human body. People can make people, you guys. Isn't that the craziest?


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