38 + 39 Weeks

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So, summer is over. Bummer, huh?

Actually, I don't even mind. I hate January thru March because that's the suckiest, most dismal time of year, right? But fall, you know, has its charms. Like cider and pumpkin candles and the birth of a child, please God.

I'm having a little anxiety about that right now, kind of randomly. Pinterest somehow knows my life story even though I have never shared the intimate details personally -- isn't it bizarre how all of your electronic devices suddenly know everything about you. Mine does, and I'm sure yours does too, but my phone will often tell me how far from work or home I am and it freaks me the fuck out. Anyway, Pinterest keeps popping up with a variation of the exact same article: "10 Things You Should Do Before Your Baby is Born". Or perhaps "77 Things I Wish I Knew Before Delivery". And the best, "Everything You're Forgetting".

They're all the same. I'm forgetting to pack chapstick, and I'll need to bring a pillow because hospital pillows suck, and breastfeeding is going to be the fiery pits of hell for the first few weeks-- blah blah blah, but seriously. Give me a heart attack. I was planning to just wing this delivery business, like I show up, the professionals give me some pain relief and tell me what to do, and 20-odd hours later, we'll have a baby. Sounds fair, right?

Basically I got overwhelmed making lists, changing them, rearranging them, and packing seventeen sticks of lip balm before I remembered that pregnancy has made me significantly less tolerant and maybe I can just stick to my original plan because I.Don't.Care about how fluffy the pillows are right now. I'm just going to walk in, ask for the juice, and let someone who's read more books than me guide me in the right direction.

Now for a couple of randoms, because this post is already getting lengthy and I haven't even said anything worthwhile yet:

  • George has a brand new party trick: opening the deck gate. He already figured out how to get through the patio door, then this week he started opening the gate, and five minutes later, we're all "where's Georgie?" Gone folks, gone. In the river taking a swim or rolling in poop somewhere (another new party trick!)
  • Ryan had  himself a birthday! We went to go see War Dogs and out for Thai food. All the spicy food for me, because obviously. 
  • New, fun (!) obstacle here at the Hodges Nursery. Ryan assembled the crib in the garage, which seemed like a good idea because that's where the zoo of tools lives. But then - you know where this is going -- when he and his brother carried it into the house, it totally doesn't fit through the bedroom door, despite enacting every variety of 7th grade geometry that our teachers promised us we'd use when we're adults. 
Alright -- onward to the baby update. I'm combining 38 and 39 weeks because I'm obviously behind and because it's getting too late to catch-up. And because I've had "Full Term" written on my chalkboard since 36.5 weeks and if I don't use it now, I never will.

How far along? 39 weeks -- the due date is days (not weeks!) away. 
Total weight gain: Are your ready for it -- I just weighed myself yesterday and about tipped over: 55lbs. I have gained half of my original body weight and all I'm saying is I may have closed a chapter for life on size zero jeans. 
Maternity Clothes? Uh yeah. Although I'm not going into the office anymore, so it's been a lot more yoga pants this week. 
Stretch marks?  No change since last week. 
Sleep: It's okay. I sleep pretty decently when I'm out, but it's really hard to turn over, so I wake up every time my body starts to go numb from laying on one side too long. 
Best moment this week: It was a good week in general. I had a good work week, and I got a lot of stuff done around the house, so I feel really prepared to take on this parenting thing any old time now. 
Miss anything?  Feeling like myself. 
Movement:  Really sporadic movements. Mostly just turns, every once in a while a foot will scroll across my stomach and he's able to reach my sides now, so weird pokes here and there. 
Food cravings: All of the food. I've been really hungry this week, all the time, but nothing specific. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Yes, pregnancy. I've had a few bouts of serious nausea this week. In the movie theatre on Ry's birthday, I was so nauseated, I prepped his pepsi cup to accept some barf. Lid off, ready to take it. Luckily that didn't happen. 
Labor signs: I've had some serious pressure in my lower abdomen for the last 12ish hours combined with Braxton Hicks, and I've read that the nausea can be an indicator of labor. We'll see. Fingers crossed. Send me all your labor vibes, guys. 
Symptoms: Just feeling huge, uncomfortable and ready to pop. 
Belly button in or out? Out. 
Rings on or off? Off. 
Happy or moody? Guess!
Looking forward to: Enjoying the last few days of pregnancy. It's been such a cliche life changing chemical change and I've really had an easy one, so I'm a little wistful about it. I'm so ready and impatient to meet my baby, but I'm also very cognitive that this part of my life is almost over. I don't know if there will be more babies in the future, but I do know that there will never be a first pregnancy again. And without getting too voodoo and cliche, it really is a miracle. The way your body knows exactly what to do, how to grow a baby, and how everything he needs is provided by my body -- think about that -- every single thing he needs, my body does without my comprehension or knowledge. And at the end, we'll have this tiny person who is a little me and a little Ryan and can never be duplicated again. Magic. 

Happy Labor Day you guys -- everyone cross your fingers that I spend my laboring -- because I've got this one-sided party happening and it is uncomfortable:

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