37 Weeks

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Well guys, here we are, closing out week 37 and I am formally and officially kickin' full-term. So, as a gal who chronically suffers from lack of patience in general, normal, only slightly exciting things, I am currently exhibiting the kind of patience that children have between the hours of 4 and 5AM on Christmas morning.


Let's all join together for a moment of silence for my husband, who has agreed to stay within the general vicinity of home for the next few weeks and is currently living on a prayer. And the sound of my voice, talking pretty constantly about the baby. And stretch marks. And how hungry I am. And how much of a whale I feel like. And how I need to get. This. Baby. Out. Now.

He promised to love me forever and is at least contractually obligated to be with me for the rest of my life, so it is what it is. And anyway, we celebrated that legally binding commitment we made yesterday for our third wedding anniversary. How quickly the years go. The days are long, but the years are short, you know? I look forward to year four, especially with what is undoubtedly going to be one of the happiest moments of our life still in front of us. Isn't that something. When we are old, this time that we are living right now, and the most important moment of our lives coming up so shortly, is going to be such a good thing to reminisce about.

The countdown is on, but for now, here we are at 37 weeks.

How far along? 37 Weeks. Hi-ya! Full term and feeling the home stretch. 
Total weight gain: I haven't weighed myself in a while, but I'd venture to guess somewhere in the 45-50 range. 
Maternity Clothes? Rotating through about 10 dresses, five of which still fit, and three that I actually like. 
Stretch marks?  Still none on my stomach, which is just great. All the other expanding locations, not so lucky. 
Sleep: No. Just no this week. It is an olympic sport to turn over and sometimes, just not worth the effort. So instead, I elect to lay there uncomfortably until I succumb to death. 
Best moment this week: Loving my husband everyday for 3 years + the 5 that preceded it. Every time I think about how not nervous I am to deliver and parent this child, it's because I know he'll be with me every day for the rest of forever. 
Miss anything?  My wedding band and the feeling of not being hot all the time. 
Movement: He slowed down quite a bit this week. Still turning, but not the pops and bumps I was feeling for the last couple of months. Dude's running out of room.  
Food cravings: Still popsicles and I've been eating way too much candy lately. That doesn't count as a craving because that's just my normal life, but I have thrown up my hands this week and started just eating whatever I want. I'm gaining 50lbs anyway. Might as well enjoy it. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Yeah. I've been nauseated a few times for no apparent reason. It passes quickly though, so no complaints. 
Labor signs: Nope. Sigh. 
Symptoms: I have this thing that has a formal name, but more casually called the mask of pregnancy according to the pregnancy forum I stalk. Basically I have random patches of skin on my face that are darker than others. Totally normal says the forum. Totally fucking weird says me. 
Belly button in or out? Out. 
Rings on or off? They're off. I don't even remember what it looks like to catch the glint of a diamond out of the corner of my eye, which is super sad. 
Happy or moody? I'm unpleasant and admittedly sensitive. 
Looking forward to: Delivering this little bayboo. My patience is gone and now I can't wait. There's something dangerous about being in the final stretch and it actually being safe for him to come. "Any day now" basically means right now if you ask me.

Happy almost weekend you guys! Maybe I'll actually finish the baby's room and start posting pictures and more importantly, be ready for a baby to sleep there.


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