July 29, 2016

by - 9:46 PM

So, months ago, my doctor asked me if Ryan and I had any vacation plans before the baby came. "Take a trip together, definitely," he said.

I'm not sure he meant that we should wait until I am eight months pregnant and then go camping in the remote parts of the Upper Peninsula, but that's kind of how we took it.

We packed George, a box of popsicles and an extra camera battery and hit the road. I've never been past St. Ignace, so the entire place was pretty new to me -- we hit up Sault St. Marie and rode through the locks, scooted over to White Fish Point and Tahqamenon Falls -- and I definitely saw a sign that was abbreviated to Tahq Falls and thought it said "Taho" -- which Ryan will never forget. We saw the Shipwreck Museum and then zipped over to Pictured Rocks. Finally, we stopped at this pond that is called something weird like Kitchi Ipi Kipi  -- or something like that -- and people, you can straight to the bottom some 45' down. Fish, springs, sunglasses, whatnot -- you can see it all. Naturally you're not allowed to even touch the water because it's where the holy spicket connects to every single baptismal tank in the continental US -- it's that clean and sacred.

On another note, holy mosquitoes. I think they make them bigger in the Upper Peninsula, and they have bigger families, because it was insane. My legs look like I've developed leprosy because a.) mosquitoes like blondes (for real, google it) and b.) I have no self control.

Ryan told me that he doesn't scratch his mosquito bites and they just stop itching in a few hours. And I was like, "ever?" You never ever scratch?" And he shook his head like it's the most obvious thing. I side eyed him pretty hard, and now I'm constantly watching for him to so much as rub his nose.

And then we got back just in time for me to turn 28 and get really angry about the humidity. But that is an entirely different story. Also, Ryan told me really nonchalantly that I have stretch marks. On my butt.

I'm just going to get really melodramatic and die now.

 Two tickets to Paradise. Get it?

Happy Friday!

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