28 Weeks

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Happy first week of actual summer, you guys! Isn't summer the bomb? It's literally been like, 90-some odd degrees for the last several days and I'm pretty sure this is how God intended for my entire life to be. It's popsicles for dinner for the next three months and I'm all about it.

Last night, Ryan and I kicked it easy-like-Sunday-morning style and just hung out at home, and you know, I just kept thinking -- these are pretty tame Friday night plans, but someday, this is what I'll reminisce about. The dogs smelled like river water from  jumping off the dock all afternoon. We had Johnny Cash radio playing loud enough to hear in the yard, in the house, by the water. Ryan grilled, I had a refreshing glass of....root beer. It was such a good night.

As a quick side note, I read that babies can hear from inside the womb, and if you listen to the same music frequently in pregnancy, they'll actually recognize those songs once they're born. At this point, Baby H is going to recognize some really not okay music -- things I'm ashamed of -- so I'm back tracking hard by introducing the Highway Men and Conway Twitty in copious amounts to try and block out the Eminem, Snoop, and The Weeknd that plays in my car.

Speaking of babies, should we kick the weekly update that I'm totally behind on? Sure.

How far along? 28 weeks and formally cruising into the third trimester. We're in the home stretch folks -- eyes on the prize.
Total weight gain: +35lbs today. And I was weirdly unbothered by it. I just assume I'm going to give birth to a 30lb baby and drop the remaining five the day after delivery. Fair, amiright?!
Maternity clothes? Yeah yeah yeah. I have to literally talk myself into wearing pants these days though. For laughs, I tried on a pair of pre-pregnancy shorts, just to see if I could belly-band it. True story, I couldn't pull them up past my knees. My knees are seriously as wide as my hips used to be. I'm praying for a postpartum holy miracle. 
Stretch marks? No -- I can't even believe. Maybe that's my holy miracle. 
Sleep: I sleep really great -- but the baby's kicks are strong enough that I wake up from them now or they'll infiltrate my dreams, which is freaky weird. Anyway, mostly I just want more sleep + naps.
Best moment this week: I spent Saturday on a boat, in the middle of the lake, with the baby belly out and it.was.awesome. 

Miss Anything? Summer Shandy, skinnier thighs, and as much caffeine as I want. But we're down to less than 80 days (fingers-crossed) so the missing thing really isn't that bad. Besides, I'm making up for all of those things with soft serve dipped in sprinkles on the regular. 
Movement: All the time. I feel like he's walking around in there. When this is all over, the movement is going to be what I miss the most. 
Food cravings: That soft serve ice cream, dipped in sprinkles thing. Although, it's not really a craving if you've wanted that for dinner every day of your entire adult life, right? 
Anything making you queasy or sick: I've been getting kicked in the face with random returns of morning sickness again. Sporadic and not all day long like it was in the first trimester, but totally unwelcome. 
Labor Signs: Nope and I realized this morning that it's still going to be a good 10 weeks before I can safely start to expect some. It's like knowing you've got an exam at the end of the semester, but it's so far away, it might as well be never, so I'm not worried about it yet. 
Symptoms: Well. I'm officially at the part where people ask me if I'm sure it's not twins. If you don't know you look like a whale, someone will tell you. 
Belly Button in or out? Oh it's out in full force. And totally weird looking. 
Wedding rings on or off? They're off and they're not coming back on. I held out for as long as I could, but sheezus, I'm scared of losing a finger Jimmy Fallon style. So now I'm rocking this completely boring silver band because I'm not all about anyone thinking I'm an unwed mother. Call me old-fashioned, but it's not my thing. Whatever. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Well, you know, I'm not sure if it's pregnancy in general, or just the lack of caffeine in my system, but I am hella calmer than I used to be. Which makes me happier in general, but also just not give a shit about a lot of things. I'd say it's a careful balance -- and one of which I'm not really in control.
Looking forward to: I'm sort of looking past delivery and thinking about having a little boy in my house. I was texting my friend Stephy this morning -- she has a toddler -- and I'm looking so forward to our boys growing up together. They both have dads who are obsessed with dirt bikes and jeeps and things that make loud noises, so I have a feeling they'll have a lot in common. And luckily, their moms like margaritas and day drinking, so there's lots of hanging out in the future. 

And since my little pregnancy update formula doesn't really leave a place for it, I need to tell you about two things: cotton candy grapes and the weird metallic taste in my mouth.

First of all, the cotton candy grapes -- go find them. Seek them out like the holy effing grail and thank me later. By some sorcery and witch craft, they're grapes, which are healthy, that straight-up taste like cotton candy, which is not. It's miraculous. You're welcome. I currently eat my weight in them daily.

Second, out of nowhere, I've developed metal mouth. I literally asked Ryan to sniff my breath and see if my mouth smells like pennies, because I'm pretty sure it must. It's the weirdest, most disgusting taste in the world, and there are not enough Doritos in life to get it under control. Weird, right?

 Happy weekending, you guys!

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