25 Weeks

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So Memorial Day -- how 'bout it. 

I don't know about you, but I always get these high hopes about long weekends. Like they're going to be so relaxing and last forever and I won't need to make a last minute trip to the grocery store even once. 

But, you know, yeah right. Long weekends are always power-packed with fun and I'm always missing something in the fridge, so all the stuff about not going anywhere that isn't the beach or out for ice cream goes right out the window. I need a day off from my weekend to catch up on sleep. It was a crazy full weekend. 

A quick rundown? Sure. 
My sister-in-law ran a full marathon and managed to look like a normal human being at the end of it. I showed up for the moment of glory at the end.
My delight of a grandmother told me my face is getting fat because I "eat all day." 
Someone, ahem, fed my dogs people food all day long on Saturday and we cleaned up approximately 73242 puke spots on my floor. 
We West Bay'd it like tourists and ate Moomers ice cream like, three times. 
Ryan and I congratulated ourselves again on picking the best house ever. Also, we played in the river and my dogs went bananas. 
Shaq Attaq arrived in my living room and I tried not to hyperventilate. 

Now, along to the baby stuff --

How far along? 25 weeks.
Total weight gain: I've been pretty stagnant for a few weeks. 
Maternity clothes? Well duh -- there's no going backwards now. 
Stretch marks? None yet -- fingers remained crossed!
Sleep: I know every pregnancy is different, so I'm just going to be really grateful and acknowledge that my sleep has been pretty normal the entire time. I have weird dreams every once in a while, but otherwise, it's business as usual. 
Best moment this week: Hands down, one of the best moments of pregnancy -- on some weeknight -- I can't remember which, Ryan and I were being boring and laying on the couch watching Jimmy Fallon. I can feel the baby moving and shaking reasonably often, but this time, I told Ryan to look at a specific spot on my belly because the tap dance was on. And for the first time, our baby cooperated, kicked the bejesus out of my belly button and scared the shit out of his dad for the first time ever. And he kept going because Ryan was able to feel the kicks for the first time, too. 
Miss Anything? Oh man, Memorial Day weekend brought the patio drinking vibes. I really don't miss a drink here and there as much as I thought I might, but now that we're getting into the summer, there's just something really nice about a cocktail + a deck. Something that orange juice and sprite will not ever adequately substitute.
Movement: This is definitely his most active week yet. I feel him turning and kicking all the time, and see it fairly often, too!
Food cravings: Oh the normal stuff -- protein and too much sugar. Hail the ice cream shops that opened for business this weekend!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. 
Labor Signs: Full belly braxton hicks. Still not uncomfortable, just startling. 

Symptoms: I keep dreaming about giving birth to a puppy. Like, in my dream, I'm cuddling something that I know is my infant, and it's all wrapped up in a sweet baby blanket, but it has a puppy face. Also, there's weird details that randomly go along with it that probably are anxiety related. Like, I'll leave the baby on the floor or forget to feed it or completely forget what I named it. Which I think are obviously related to unknown territory in being a mom and caring for child, with the bonus of "will we ever choose a name?!"
Belly Button in or out? Flat, mostly. 
Wedding rings on or off? This weekend they were off, but that's because my fingers are swelling anyway and the humidity was insane train, which puffed me out to sausage level proportions. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Okay, I'm irritable. Like, really irritable. 
Looking forward to: Summertime and all the popsicles. 

And onto counting down to the 4th of July. It's going to be such a long, never ending and totally relaxing long weekend. 

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