24 Weeks

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I mean, every Saturday is welcome -- but this Saturday? A friggin' round of applause. By 10:45, I had all the windows open and was enjoying some 70 degree breeze and to toot my own horn, the floors were already mopped -- toot-toot. God bless you, Saturday morning.

So anyway, today I started shopping for baby announcements because I think we have his name narrowed down to maybe two options. And long story shortened to a single sentence:  I worked myself into an emotional frenzy just by typing up some mock stationary. Someday, he's going to type this name on a resume, I thought. And then tears because I literally have no control over those things right now. I think at least once a week,  Pregnancy pops in and throws a friendly reminder that hey, these kicks are real and someday that's going to evolve into a person.

So, here we go. 24 weeks in and only 16-ish before the emotions get their poop in a group and stop being so cray. Maybe.

How far along? 24 weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes! And I discovered ThreadUp, which has changed my life. Stay with me here, because suggesting that finding a new shopping avenue is life changing sounds really vapid and dumb, but Traverse City has eye-rollingly bad shopping. I started bulking up on maternity stuff at Target based on the fact that it was a.) inexpensive and b.) fit me -- but then I found ThreadUp and the heavens opened. Cute stuff, folks -- and speedy delivery. It's like finding a GoodWill that only sells the good stuff. 
Stretch marks? Nope. Hail coconut oil. 
Sleep: As usual -- a lot of it. I have an assortment of pillows that surround me at night, which bothers Ryan because he feels like they get between us. But I mean, they're for the baby, and who can argue with that?
Best moment this week: You know, I'm just really enjoying pregnancy right now, and I'm just trying to absorb it because I know that someday, I'm going to look back at this as a magical time. These are golden days; memories that I will cling to when I'm old and this baby is old and he has babies that are getting older. I feel good, I'm not uncomfortable and I'm only having a few twinges of concern that I will soon be responsible for a human life. Not enough twinges to have a heart attack though, so it's still okay. I think this is the part I always imagined, so I'm relishing it to the max. Pregnancy is a straight-up, literal miracle and I am so grateful to have a body that will carry it. 
Worst Moment this Week: Georgie has developed a taste for chewing on shoes. But only mine. He destroyed a pair of my favorite black wedges and Ryan totally shrugged his shoulders about the whole thing, like what's the big deal. Then he was like "now you can buy new ones!" and he was trying to be cheerful, but he doesn't get that no no no -- those were last season's shoes. They're vintage Target and they don't sell them anymore. Ryan told me all of this on the phone and I genuinely had to hang up and be quiet for a while. 

And for what it's worth, I recognize that this indicates I don't have real problems in my life. I'm grateful, but I miss my shoes.

Miss Anything? Friday was the first time in this whole pregnancy that I really felt like I could have really gone for a Summer Shandy. The weather was awesome yesterday, the sun was out, and after a stressful week, patio drinking sounded really nice. It was my first booze related sorrow. 
Movement: So the thing about movement is that before I could feel it, I stressed and thought something was wrong with my baby. Now that I feel it, if he goes a few hours without moving, I think something is wrong. Last night, Ry and I broke out a stethoscope and went to town, listening to what is surely mozzarella sticks bubbling around in my digestive track, but I prefer to believe it is baby swims, which is what I'm going with. 
Food cravings: Fresh, possibly overripe mangos. Still going strong with an evening tomato, hidden under salt and pepper.
Anything making you queasy or sick: It's really easy for me to drink too much coffee. And by too much, I mean two cups without anything to eat. Then I'll get a sick feeling in my stomach, but otherwise I feel really good. 

Symptoms: Some really serious tailbone pain has plagued me this week. It's not sharp, rather more of an ache. It feels like I fell or something. 
Belly Button in or out? Well, it's flat, so we'll see where this goes. 
Wedding rings on or off? On. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Oh you know. I had a frustrating work week, just not performing where I want to, and that turned me into a Crabby Abby by Wednesday, which is the same day that Georgie ate my shoes, and I just never recovered. 
Looking forward to: Having a houseful of people for Memorial Day weekend! I can't wait!

Happy Weekending!

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