16 Weeks

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Hey! Guess who's chalkboard still says "13 Weeks"....

But I got my Martha Stewart on and made a mother offing ombre cake. In blue.

How far along? 16 weeks. Whatever, I skipped a few weeks because I don't feel like trying to catch up anymore. Or lying that I'm going to catch up. I'm not. Skiiiiiip.
Maternity clothes? Oh yeah. I guess I forgot to make a big deal about this -- which I normally do about all things --  but I did buy my first maternity shirts and dress this week. And holy shiz, why do we not always wear these things? I bet they wear maternity clothes full time in heaven. They're that good. 

Stretch marks? Still swimming in coconut oil. 
Sleep: Really good, I just can't get enough. I still have nightmares though, wah-wah.
Best moment this week: Seeing my baby again on Saturday, and sharing our news that he's a boy! Easter rocked hard, even though I was really tired and kind of a party pooper. It was 72 degrees, the sun was out, and we were on a lake. And then I some how made a pretty decent ombre cake and promptly fell asleep on a lawn chair. 

AND on Friday I drank coffee and didn't barf! Hallalujah, praise the father, son and holy ghost. Even though I'm drinking decaf, it's so good to have some joy back in my life. Bring on the cream and sugar. 

Miss Anything? Well! Today my doctor told me that I could eat deli meat and now I miss nothing. If Jimmy Johns was an accessible person, I would have hugged him. I missed you, I love you. 
Movement: Not yet, but my doctor asked about it today at my appointment, so I'm thinking that it's going to be pretty soon!
Food cravings: Steak, so hardcore. I've wanted steak for a while now, but that's my only real craving right now. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. If I skip a meal, I'll start to feel nauseas, but otherwise I'm good. 
Gender: Boy!

Symptoms: Nothing too crazy this week. I think my tummy has popped a little more noticeably, but that's it. I feel mostly normal. 
Belly Button in or out? In. 
Wedding rings on or off? On. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: I know my patience is limited right now and I think I'm saltier than usual, which explains why Ryan keeps calling me a grump. Whatever, I think I'm just finally giving him some shit back for all the shit he shovels at me. Tickle me until I pee my pants? Okay, your choice, but you're gonna get it in the solar plexus. 
Looking forward to: Feeling the baby move. I cannot wait. 

I told these little turkeys last week with a few bottles of green and blue silly string. Then I got involved in a conversation with Ainsley about what my baby might look like. I suggested that he might have blonde hair like me, or maybe brown hair, like Uncle Ryan, to which she said -- "Uncle Wyan doesn't have bwown hair. He has gway hair! He's gonna have gway hair!"

And then she suggested I name the baby Plant. Or Kevin. Dealer's choice. 

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