14 Weeks

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For the record, when I first got pregnant, during that really magical time when I knew was growing human life, but before the nausea and exhaustion set in, I was like, super serious about being one of those multi-tasking moms who manage to take beautiful pictures of their growing body in pregnancy. I even bought an outfit and had hilarious intentions of wearing the same dress, basking in the sunlight, and having a freshly drawn chalkboard every week to indicate how many months I was in this journey. 

Four months later, this is the funniest thing I've ever tried in my whole life. I'm two weeks behind with these bumpdates and I haven't put on the dress since week six. My chalkboard still says "13 Weeks" and that's probably going to stay that way for the next 13 weeks. If I snap a photo with my iPhone, I call it a day and maybe even a good one. Anyway, a quick letter:

Dear Motivation,
Any time now. 


How far along? 14 weeks. 
Total weight gain: I've given up. I don't know and I don't want to know. But I do want ice cream.
Maternity clothes? Okay, so I've fully moved on from my jeans because one day I had real tears about not being able to shove my legs in any of them anymore. That led to me irrationally digging through my closet and getting really emotional about things that I think I might not ever wear again. Bikinis, crop tops, the pink shorts that were always kind of a stretch (literally). Anyway, those pants with an elastic band are looking pretty attractive right now. 
Stretch marks? Not yet. We've talked about this though, right? I know I'm going to get them. My sisters got them after pregnancy, so did my mom, so I'm not pretty convinced they're on their way. That said, I'm like, bathing in coconut oil because that's what Pinterest said to do. 
Sleep: Well, this is fallen off the wagon a little bit. Not because I'm not tired, or because I can't fall asleep -- I can. But I've been having really intense, wake up sweating and shaking nightmares. Things that are weird too, like I can't even imagine where the images are coming from. And then this one -- it's not a nightmare -- but I keep having this dream that I'm trying to climb a steep mountain and there's always something, ice, snow, or random rocks, that impede the climb and I either fall, or remain stuck. Psychoanalysis, go!
Best moment this week: Ryan and I had an elective ultrasound this week and we KNOW who's in there! We're waiting to really spill the beans until we see his family for Easter next weekend, but we have shared with a lot of people who don't know our family or can't otherwise wreck the surprise. We told our nieces with a few cans of silly string and it was awesome. 
Miss Anything? The assortment in my closet. Coffee and raw tuna sushi. Jimmy Johns obviously, and sleep. 
Movement: So I'm anxiously waiting for this one. I've read about some women starting to feel flutters and swimming in the next few weeks and I can't wait to start feeling my baby move around in there. 
Food cravings: I could really go for some banana bread, Jan. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. I'm over nausea for the most part. In general the stuff that made me so ill a few weeks ago, just doesn't sound good right now, but doesn't make me want to barf anymore.
Gender: CAN'T wait to share!
Symptoms: Feeling pretty good right now! My lower back is sometimes a little sore, which I read is related to my center of gravity switching up a little bit, but for the most part, I feel like normal. 
Belly Button in or out? In. 
Wedding rings on or off? On, but tight. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: I say happy, Ry says "calm the eff down." So, admittedly, I have limited patience, so there's that. 
Looking forward to: Seeing our family next week and sharing the gender news in person. Also, we have another ultrasound next week -- the clinic we went to does a free follow up appointment -- so we'll Baby Hodges in 3D again in a week, which is awesome. 

Can you even stand it!?

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  1. I had dreams like that when I was prego with Niko. I kept having the same dream that I was giving birth to Nikolas in the back of a police cruiser in the middle of the Sand Lake 4th of July fair, because we couldn't get our due to all the traffic. Needless to say, when I went into labor while walking around at that good old fair, my mom and Mike didn't even hesitate to get me into the car and speed down the highway. Little Niko made his appearance at 2:30 on July 5th. And for some reason that little stinker thinks he can turn 4 this year :(