13 Weeks

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You guys! You know how legend has it that at the end of the rainbow, there's a pot of gold, but I mean, where is the end the rainbow? It doesn't exist because it's all visual perception and not actual concrete stripes.

Well, a week ago, I would have suggested the same thing about morning sickness. There's an end, but it's not in sight and I'm pretty sure it's not real.

This lucky lucky lucky leprechaun found it this week! On Monday, (fingers crossed!) I barfed for the last time. I've woken up every single day since, feeling like my regular, non-hungover self and is it ever a delight. It's like God himself saw the second trimester and called it good, and then blessed it like the sabbath. Rock on.

I'm even thinking about being productive today. If my due date is accurate -- and I mean, pregnancy is straight up science fiction, so who knows -- then I've pretty much been pregnant since Ry and I bought and moved into our house. So basically I've felt about zero motivation to do things. I'm thinking I might do a load of laundry or even run the dishwasher. It's about to get crazzzzzy at Casa Hodges.

Now, moving along. I'm a little behind in my bumpdates, see the above, the barf-nasty weeks preceded this, so let's start with week 13 and play a little catch up from there.

How far along? Thirteen weeks. Formally and officially finished with the first trimester. Bye forever -- seriously.
Total weight gain: Twelve pounds. And I've stopped looking. 
Maternity clothes? Not officially, but I'm rockin' two new varieties of get-ups: leggings because obviously, and when I feel reallllllly motivated, jeans with the rubber band trick to keep them sort of closed. 
Stretch marks? Not yet. Ew. 
Sleep: Okay, I still sleep really well when I'm out, and still sleeping a lot. But you guys, I've been dreaming hard and wildly. This was fine when I was dreaming about getting another dog, or touring an empty house with my Oma, but  then last night, I had my first nightmare and it felt so real, Ryan had to literally pry me off his body. It's like 2am and I've got my legs wrapped around one of his and he's sleepily mumbling that he's too hot. Don't curr. 
Best moment this week: A few things, actually. Primarily, and seriously, feeling good. I can take the exhaustion and the body changes, but the nausea was kicking my ass. Also, spring arrived in all it's 50-degree glory. Most of our snow is gone and it's soo nice to be outside again. I'm really looking forward to throwing some windows open and enjoying our decks. Finally -- this week, I was laying on the couch and Ryan and I could feel this semi-hard bump in my stomach. Obviously we can't feel any moving yet, but feeling our baby's location is pretty cool. 
Miss Anything? Jimmy Johns in such a real and bad way. And honestly, feeling thin. I feel like my body is exploding in all directions and it's hard to not fit in a lot of my pants. I'm pretty heavily invested in that closet, you know. 
Movement: Nope. 
Food cravings: I still really crave steak pretty frequently, and sugar. This week, I really started to think about gestational diabetes because of all the candy and chocolate milk I put down. Cravings are real, ya'll.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not so much this week. Woo hoo!
Gender: I've started to get this really intense feeling that it's a boy. Obviously that doesn't mean anything, but it's just a gut feeling. 

Symptoms: Just a little tired, but mostly feeling good. 
Belly Button in or out? In. 
Wedding rings on or off? I've retired my wedding band. Ry doesn't like it, but it's just too tight. I started wearing my engagement ring, which I think is a comfortable truce. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: This was a happy week. It was so good. I'm sure Ryan still thinks I'm bat shit crazy, but maybe tuned down a bit? 
Looking forward to: Next week! We have scheduled a sneak-peak gender ultrasound, so as long as the baby cooperates -- and it better, we're driving 3.5 hours for this -- we'll know if my gut feeling is on. 

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