February 21, 2016

by - 8:52 AM

Ha - so funny thing, I haven't been here in a while. I assure you, I have a totally valid reasons. Things like, it's winter and boring and cold, and I prefer to lay in bed and read. That's not interesting, so in the meantime, here's what I've sort of been up to:


On Valentine's Day, Jackers ran away. I mean obviously, because it was a holiday. But I'm thinking, little dude, it's not even a real holiday, so how did you know? Anyway, he was gone for an hour in single-digit weather. I'll spare you the boo-hoos, but by the time we found him, his fur was so matted with snow, he couldn't walk. I'm not sure he would have made it home if Ryan hadn't located him laying in the swamp.


Speaking of dogs: George. No updates, he's just busy being cute and getting bigger every single day. He likes to lay his head on our shoulders, and without a doubt, it's the best thing in the whole wide world.


11/22/63 -- I just started watching it on Hulu and I have the regular complaints of course, i.e. the book to movie translation process suffered some detail casualties. But mostly, my concern is James Franco. He is not who I had in mind.


2016 kicked me in the face almost immediately and I've been feeling sick in some variety since the beginning of the year. My fingers are crossed for an early spring and freedom from the shackles of congestion. Come'on summmmmmer!


Have you been following the election? I am. I like politics, but I try not to be ass hat and talk about it on the interwebz (opinions are like assholes, blah blah blah). Here's what I think though, and I hope you'll agree: when candidates avoid actually answering the questions during debates, the floor should open up beneath them. I, for one, think it would be hella entertaining, and we might get Ted Cruz to answer a question finally. Thoughts?


It's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun.
Or lay in bed reading. Whatevs.

Happy Sunday!

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