January 12, 2016

by - 6:24 AM

You guys, this is George and his cute face gets my heart palpitating. Which you already know if you follow me on Instagram. It's officially become the George Show over there and I'm really okay with that. 

Currently, Ralph and Jack are pretty much not okay with this addition. Jack recently gave up eating and won't sleep on the bed anymore. Ralph is a grumpy old man who mostly wants to be left alone, which is really unfortunate, because George just wants to hang out all day. Cue the passive aggressive sort of growling on Ralph's part. 

Anyway, George is hilarious. He makes me laugh all day long. He's my first very young puppy, so we're kind of learning all of this together. He's exhausting, but the gumpy way he bops along when he tries to run 100% makes up for it. 


In other news, we spent Christmas painting our kitchen and abolishing the green into the hellish nightmares of kitchen past. That might be an exaggeration, but basically we painted things gray. 

I'm pleased. I'd also never like to paint again. 

We also made some changes to the light fixtures and have some stuff left to do, like for instance, finish unpacking. I also noticed that the white door doesn't look so white with the blinding white trim we chose, so there's that. It did make a really dramatic difference in the brightness of the room, and I'll be honest, I'm still amazed how much a fresh coat of color can change a room. Fun fact, as we sanded, we found that the entire room had once been bright neon yellow, which proves that it could, in fact, be worse. 

Anyway, there's a long way to go, but whatevs. I'm raising an infant right now, so I'll figure that out someday that isn't anytime like now. 


A little side note -- this has been open on my screen for three days (3!!!) because I thought I had something interesting to write here, but actually I don't. 

Happy Tuesday!

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