December 11, 2015

by - 5:07 AM

BIG NEWS, guys! Ryan and I are closing on our house this morning, and I'm so excited, I'm writing blogs at 4am.

Last night I had a dream that I was at our wedding ceremony, and Ryan didn't show up. In the dream, I howled like a baby and Ryan was like, "what's the problem? I was looking at a car."

At least my dream was realistic and had some logical excuses.

Given that in real life he did show up, cruising in like a boss, I think my dream has less to do with our wedding and more to do with our house. I'm really filled to the brim with nervous energy.


I guess what drives me the most about this is that it kind of settles the "Up North Experiment". Living here isn't a trial anymore, we're going with it and throwing down our roots. It really seems to be working out, and I think Up North is the one.

Can't wait to share more details in the next few days! Happy Friday!

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