Thanksgiving 2015

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Let's call it what it is: every Thanksgiving -- or holiday for that matter -- has one singular story that takes up permanent residence and acts as the sole defining memory for the holiday. We forget things like how good the turkey is and how perfectly mashed the potatoes are, and instead remember things like:

Oh yeah, 2014. That's the year grandma bonked her brains out and took us on a quick holiday vacation to the ER.

And how about 2011. That's the time Adellia really believed I gave birth to Jackers and was really concerned with the logistics. And btw, Aunt Jenn, can I have a puppy baby?

Folks -- the jigs up when a toddler is concerned about birthing a live dog.

Anyway, I'm going to say that this year, what we'll remember is the Ainsley-isms. She's three, she's hilarious, and girl's been workin' on her vocab.

First thing she asked me -- "Is he your mom?" 
She meant Ryan, and my hypothesis is that girl knows nobody loves you like your mama, and since Ryan throws down the love on me pretty hard, she figured he had to be my mom. I mean, it makes sense, sort of. That guy seems to love you....must be your mom.

Then, check this out. Right about here is when she's asking Ry if he and I are family. He took the opportunity to explain marriage and told her that being married makes you family. At this point she says, "then I'm married with you." 

I'm so white girl dead right now.

Sidenote: Emoji is the biggest dog EVER.

So now it's Friday. I'm watching Home Alone and drinking hot cocoa and feeling so elfin' festive. See what I did! Ryan's been fishing all day because he's hardcore. I went on a black Friday date with my niece Haydo because we are also hardcore, just in a different slightly more patient way. Ryan bears all weather. I bear all lines. 

Anyway, I'm just super grateful this year. I think with every year, I just get a little more cognitive of the things I have that I can't deserve or earn. Things that are purely blessings because they have nothing to do with me and everything to do with good fortune. 

Like family.


And dogs. Obviously. I never get enough of that.

And food. Thirteen days worth of calories, and it's totally acceptable to power-pack it into one meal. And go back for seconds.

 Green bean casserole is my jam.


Small awesome moments that pass way too quickly.


Final Ainsley-ism for the night. "Whoa! Uncle Wyan's girlfwend weally wikes shoes!"


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it was awesome and sweatpants are still your only option!
Oh, and cue the Mariah Carey. It's officially CHRISTMAS!

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