October Small Awesomes - 10.31.15

by - 8:54 AM

Before I go anywhere with this post, I have to share what had me ROFL-ing and LOL-ing and all the other acronym-ing + smiling-laughing-crying emoji-facing.

Mike Tyson, you guys. Mike friggin' Tyson.

 Oh man, it made my whole week sparkle. I hope season third is a go, too.


Anyway -- onward. I'm embarking on a month that basically makes me feel like I still live in Lansing, because it's where I'm spending just about every single weekend this month.


My friend, who has progressed to having children because aging will.not.stop, is baptizing her baby. Week one.
My sister, who is also a baby maker, is delivering her 3rd child. Week two.
Female family fiesta time + Christmas shopping, but actually just shopping for myself. Week three.
Turkey. Week four.

Entirely preceded by Ry's sister turning fifty and being shocked as hell with a little surprise party.

Small awesome, folks:


Ryan hates cats, but his pretend game is strong here:


In other news, remember that time I said that Ryan and I made an offer on a house that we really really liked? So, after a lot of back and forth, the sellers have accepted our offer and so now, knock on wood and fingers crossed, everything progresses smoothly. And quickly.

I'm feeling a little nostalgic about our current place, because I really like it here, too. The one stall garage was a deal breaker, but I have really great memories of my dogs being cute and living so close to the water, and spending Fridays on our patio that will make me appreciate our first two up north summers forever.


It feels like it's been such a busy month. I think I say this all the time, but seriously -- lots of changes. Things to be excited for.


Happy Saturday and happy Halloween!

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