October 18, 2015

by - 9:20 AM

Sunday morning's got me feelin' some kind of Bangles way because "that's my fun day - my I don't have to run day. Whoa-eee-ohh."

Seriously though, I woke up this morning friggin' delighted because I cleaned my house yesterday. So if I do nothing today -- and take me seriously, I mean nothing -- I don't have to feel even remotely guilty because the laundry is washed.

I read this article a couple of days ago about how to Treat.Yo.Self without food or spending money. So basically, doing something nice for yourself while remaining semi-responsible and not completely trampling on your physical and fiscal (oh man, that one just wrote itself) health.

Long story short, I painted my nails, took an afternoon nap and cracked open The Goblet of Fire and all of those things felt remarkable. I then, also, consumed pizza and wings but that was more about maintaining nutrition, sort of, than treating myself. I have to eat, yo.


So, I never thought I'd say these words....but: Charlotte has a little something that Traverse City does not. And I'm not talking about amphetamines. I mean The Country Mill. A little place where you can spend an entire afternoon picking apples -- because, omg so festive -- and then buy all kinds of unnecessary things like apple cider wine and Christmas decor and little flavored honey straws. And go through a corn maze. And see where the cider is made. And have HOT donuts. And people watch, because that first point I made is a real one.

Yesterday I dragged Ry out to a farmer's market, although to be fair, I hardly had to drag him anywhere. We can both be talked in to cider and donuts for dinner just about any day of the week, so it was pretty consensual.

Anyway, I'm not implying the place we went to yesterday was bad. Rather I'm implying that it wasn't as built out as our former stomping grounds. And if I'm wrong, I'm looking for suggestions.

Do you ever think you're trying way to hard to make people like you? I'm pretty sure I'm doing that.  Whatever. You live, you learn, you keep going.


So tomorrow is just another manic Monday, but for now, I'm just enjoying Ralphers, who is laying in front of the register letting it blow his floppy ears around. It'll probably make me laugh all day.

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