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1. I'm such a sucker for typography and hilarity. Really, I'm a simple gal, and a healthy combination of aesthetics and laughs will keep me occupied for a startling amount of time. There were real tears in my eyes as I read Daily Dishonesty, mainly because it's all 10000% true. But for what it's worth, Breaking Bad isn't what gets me -- if only I were so cool and interesting. In fact, I've been busy catching up on Once Upon a Time because it's baaaaack. 

2. I've been reading an old favorite, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The first time I read it, I was twelve, and I'm pretty sure this book is the reason I love to read. Anyway, it's been a few years since I've picked it up and it's kind of fun to know what's coming, but read old details in a new way because I know what's happening next. 

3. Getting In: A Novel -- I can't say no to the admissions culture. Really tragically, I don't have helicopter parents, so I missed out on having these people fight every single battle on my behalf. This is only tragic because it's actually hilarious and in reference to this book, I used to be a gate-keeper/smart-kid-finder, so I get it. I smack in the middle of this and I cannot stop laughing. I knew a few of those parents and they used to drive me bonkers. 

I like a full rotation of books. Little this, little that, just depends on the night. What are you reading?

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