Labor Day - 2015

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Oh man,  I'm getting all kinds of nostalgic because it's Labor Day and I just went to get coffee and there was a sign at Petals and Perks that seemed really joyful because there was a lot of exclamation marks and hand drawn confetti, but it actually brought tears to my eyes because I overreact about everything. It said "Pumpkin Spice Lattes are BACK" -- cue the many exclamation marks.


And all the basic white girls rejoiced.

Generally speaking, I'm as basic as it gets, but I'm just not into fall. Or winter. Or spring. I'm here for the summer.  And I've considered it on a million occasions that maybe Michigan isn't my forever home because I'm not sure how many more winters I have left.

But I'm totally veering off track and besides, all that said, anyone who's here knows that there is nothing like a Michigan summer. Kid Rock even sang a song about it once.

Because, I mean, just look...

It's Monday and if I invented a time machine right now, I would skip going back to invest in Apple or  back to 2004 to rip the bottle of bleach from my 16-year-old hands ---- until tomorrow, anyway. Right now,  I'd really just focus on getting the DeLorean back to last Friday, around 6pm when I crashed hard into Weekend Mode.

And I just want to go ahead and do it again.

All the summer things:
Pier jumping. Coconut scented sunscreen. Sand in my hair for days.

Fishers and fish frying. Poker. Tequila. Birthday Cake Oreos.

All the dogs. Everywhere. So many little personalities.

And all the other good stuff. 
Laughing. Riding in the haze on Lake Michigan. Carrot Cake. Meeting Ryan at the boat launch for the last time this summer. Final scoops of ice cream. Seeing the "Thanks for a Great Season" signs.
Happy 34th to my favorite guy!


You know how, when you're reading a really great book, you just can't stop. You disrespect every single morning, by staying up late to keep reading. But then, you don't want it to stop, so you try to slow it down.

That's summer.

But it ends. And you know it's going to end, so it is what it is. But there's always the chance that the next book is awesome too. And if it's not, you read it 'til it's finished and you start the next one.

That's seasons.


Thanks for another great season, 2015.

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  1. So many doggies!!!
    I'm the opposite... Summer is actually my LEAST favorite. I know, I know! I can't stand humidity or being sweaty. So ALL of Summer gets a bad rap due to that. lol