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So today, I happened by Meijer because I can always talk myself into grocery shopping when a nail polish aisle is involved. Anyway, I was all kinds of pissy-pants because,  right on cue, like friggin' really bad magic, Labor Day passed and boom -- cold.

60 Degrees -- what is this sorcery?

But then, I cruised the produce aisle and stumbled upon Concord Grapes. Okay Fall, I hear your siren song. I still like summer best, but I'll take your harvest booty.

So I also bought a pumpkin and Witches Brew, because I'm flexible and whatnot.

Okay. I'm over it.

Seriously though, I'm working on a list of goals. If nothing else, winter provides a really good excuse to stay in and invest some time in projects. Things like, write something and become a baking maven,  find a new hobby and get some snow shoes.

That kind of thing, you know? Then, at the very least, in six months I can be like, thank God it's only January. I'm not a baking maven yet and I haven't picked up a book since Halloween. But whatevs, I've got time. 


I've been staring at this place, here, where a paragraph should be, and I realized that this is the part where I begin to imply that my life is interesting. It's not. I just work and breathe and love my husband and be mundane.

This week was one of those weeks where I did just that. It was okay.

Nothing outstanding. Just living and enjoying a temporary lack of purpose. 


Ryan who remains industrious, has house buying on his agenda. So on a weekly basis, I navigate through stacks of listings, weeding out the ones with only one bathroom, and clicking virtual saves on the ones with fire places and a delicious absence of wood paneling. 

It's kind of strange. We've never bought a house together obviously, and renting has never really required much more collaboration beyond "let's just find something" + splitting the bill. He wants to live here for a long time, and that's another thing we've never experienced. We've never wanted to stay in one place longterm, and now, I guess we do. Sometimes, when I pass boring buildings, I have these weird thoughts like -- this is where our kids will go to high school, or, if this place is still in business in twenty years, I'll probably be bringing my fifty year old self here to grocery shop.

Settling...yikes. This is the last stop -- this is where we'll build our life together. To me, this feels like a bigger shift than even getting married did. I had no questions about being with Ryan forever, but living in one place for a long time? That's a commitment. 


Anyway, I guess that's a thorough rundown on Casa Hodges for the week.  Cheers to Sunday!

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  1. House buying. Yikes. We're talking about looking in about a year and it both excites me and terrifies me.