Small Awesomes, August Style

by - 8:53 AM

Small awesome number one - Lana Del Rey "High By The Beach". Came out on Tuesday and I lost my marbles, I was so excited. So, I really have a place in my heart for Snoop and No Doubt circa 1995, but if my heart chambers have doors, one of 'em has a sign and it says "Lana" because I love that girl's music. And Honeymoon has a September release date, so I'll just start the countdown over here, like NBD.

Jumped right in there with the small awesomes because I got really good and pumped up.

Happy Saturday!


August, God love ya. I'm a summer baby, so that 90-degree, wet hot humidity is my jam. And there's just something about it that feels like we're wringing out the best parts of summer - slaying the last drippy ice cream cones and turning up the radio just completely insane. Windows down. Snow cones. Pier walking. Pier jumping.

Next up - 

10000% of the reason I fell for Ry was because I believe he is the coolest man alive. I've said it a hundred times and it's still true, he's down for adventure and I admire how fearless he is in every single decision he makes. Whatever it is, he just kind of goes for it. 

On Monday, he ratcheted a tent to his bike and took off on a spontaneous road trip to California. Now I get random texts along the lines of "I'm on a mf'in MOUNTAIN!" and "Jenny answer your damn phone. There's a buffalo ten feet away." 

Slightly OT, but I'm obsessed with the Selena Gomez song "Good For You" and a few days ago, Ryan was like "stop saying you're a marquise diamond. Marquise diamonds are f'in ugly.  You're not a marquise. You're a princess cut." 

I mean -- all that + diamond knowledge. 


Small good things in words -- because that "pictures or it didn't happen" is junk. Sometimes you just live, you know? And sometimes your iPhone was made five years ago and is certified defunct, so it takes subpar pictures. Whichever. 

First up -- remember my last BINGO experience? The one where God deleted my number and blocked me from his call list? Yeah, that one. Well, I redact all of former sentiments. BINGO IS BOSS. I got my old lady on last week and took home $53 smackeroos and two wins. 

And here's what I know about BINGO. When you win, the real old ladies will be all like "Um, is she is 18?! Did anyone check her ID?" 

And my body guard, Moll, will be all like "SHE'S 27!"

But I won't mind, because please card me. Bartenders don't even card me, and that is downright hurtful. 

Also - this week I managed to fit Jay-Z lyrics into an email in a legitimate way that seemed sort of meaningful, which I'm counting as my primary success for the week. 


Small Awesome number 2394723 - Sunset, yo. 


Isn't August the best? 

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