August 30, 2015

by - 8:42 AM

I was about to start this by suggesting that nothing interesting was happening around here. Then I remembered that that particular implication would be wrong, because yesterday I bought purple mascara.

By accident. But seriously.

And here's some quick truth -- I am not opposed to waking up and looking like a Jenner -- specifically Kendall (or, if you're reading this God, -- Blake Lively post the rhinoplasty. Dealer's choice). And while I acknowledge that risky cosmetic decisions may be involved in pursuing that dream, I think even purple mascara is a little out of that league.

Anyway, I don't want to get too involved in an ode to purple mascara so I'll wrap it up right here: I didn't throw it away.


Ryan and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this week.

A year ago, I naively suggested that marriage is easy - if only you are in the right one. Isn't it fun when you realize that you opened your mouth and blabbed something that's a little bit stupid?

We've not hit a place yet where I'd say that marriage is hard, but I would say that circumstances can change, and environments can be shaken up, and adjustments will be learned. Ryan and I took on a lot of changes in the last year, and we evolved accordingly. Individually.

I think that's what marriage is though. We both volunteered to hop in a boat together and now our primary focus is to work together forever to keep that boat from sinking. Storms are out there with some massive boat-turning waves, but so is some damn beautiful weather with pina coladas and pinky-orange sunsets. We might switch sides, we'll probably throw paddles at each other,  and we'll definitely fight about who's the Captain, but at the end of the day, we both stay in the boat and we keep it floating. And tomorrow, we paddle some more.

So I redact what I said about easy and replace it with this: marriage is good, when you're in the right one.


Off topic, but my second favorite thing in the whole world is getting pictures of my dogs smiling. Which I'm pretty sure I caught right here.

Happy Weekending!

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