Small Awesomes

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 It's been a while since I've done one of these, which is kind of a shame, because I'm a believer in loving the hell out of the small things. I used to think that my favorite small thing was probably pizza or Root Beer floats, but then last week, I discovered those hot dogs with cheese already mixed in, so it totally oozes out in a maybe gross, but mostly delicious way when you pull 'em off the grill.

Life. Is. Awesome. Because cool things exist.

Which leads me to my first small awesome: weekends. God love ya.

A couple of days ago, Adellia asked if she could take pictures with my camera. I figured what the hell, what's the worst thing that could happen. Refer to this if you're wondering about my judgement when left alone with children. Anyway, I thought I'd end up with family shots of her Barbie family and maybe a few random dog pics, so I helped adjust the strap and showed her how to listen for the shutter.

When I finally got a chance to look at the pictures, she stood a little shyly next to me which probably should have alerted me, but you know, whatever.

"Adellia -- what the Don't roll your eyes at me, Helck is a word. And not the point -- what is this?"

"I think butts are funny," she says. And then she shrugs, because obviously it's not that big of a deal.

Hm. Okay.

So, I'm really seeking positives here, right? Like, it'll be so fun to see how Adellia's tastes in art change over time. Or, at least I have photographic evidence of my 26-year old bod when I'm not so 26 anymore and that sugar addiction finally catches up with me. Or, how about this one, it'll be so cutey-cute to say "remember when Riley wore such teensy diapers?!"

Her mom and I are both wearing spandex, so I'll spare the pictures. That and I actually do try to be a professional, sort of. See?

So, moving on to small awesome number two -- these girls  + summer sun.

 Lord Jesus, give me strength.


Small good thing number three is most definitely food coloring. The girls think I have some kind of magical witching powers and I'm not sorry that I didn't correct them.

"Yeah, so you think about that Adelly," I say. "Next time you hide your sister in the dog crate and tell me that she ran away and can you have her popsicle, since she's not coming for it anyway. I have the kind of powers that make pancakes blue. Let that knowledge guide you."


Small awesomes 4-9273497


- Sparkling nailpolish
-A day trip up the coast.
-Saying things like "a day trip up the coast."


Happy Sunday. May the small awesomes confetti themselves all over your week.

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