Flying High

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Gooood morning! Some obvious fun stuff happening around here -- I've been spring cleaning lately and it has finally creeped over to the blog. A little refreshed and updated 'round here. It's like I cleaned the base boards and painted them. And not with boring white paint either. I painted those babies with something with a satin finish, and one of those whispery names that only Sherman Williams can come up with, like "Summertime Lemonade Stand Cuddly Pink With a Warm July Breeze That Smells Like Cotton Candy And Fair Food".

Just roll with it.


This week has been a little cray at Casa Hodges. Ryan has been flying for the past year or so, but was up for his check ride, which is apparently a little like a driver's test, but way harder because driving a car is for losers like me. Anyway, he had an oral exam on Thursday and a formal flight on Friday. Basically, we didn't talk to each for two days because I can't remember that last time Ry was so stressed out about something.

Blah blah blah, long story short, he passed both and can officially fly a plane and have passengers on board.

Hey! Guess what we've been doing this weekend!

It's pretty cool to see him fly. He's been doing this thing, completely separate from me, for the last year and to finally participate in something that he loves this much -- it's pretty incredible. I think there's some parts of people that, no matter how many years pass between you both, you can never really know. I mean, we all have those silent sides of our heads that say things, but never out loud, And I think flying is one of Ryan's silent voices.

Anyway, once, I watched this episode of Desperate Housewives that was about this guy who was simultaneously a pilot and the husband of the bitchiest wife ever. This is not a comparison to Ry and I, by the way. The point is, the pilot husband has a heart attack mid-flight and boom, they crash and die.

I'm not really afraid to fly, but I asked about fifty-seven questions, all of which were related to landing the plane if he went into cardiac arrest. That didn't happen though, and now this poor pseudo comparison can come to an end.

The end.

Ever wonder what Sleeping Bear looks like from the sky?

Well, it looks like none of us took Frost's advice seriously. We ALL take the road that has been taken only about 70 bazillion times before .

If you're interested in seeing more of what the north west corner of lower Michigan looks like from the sky, you can see the rest of my unblogged photos here.


Ryan's not really one for pet names -- he pretty much just calls me Jennifer -- but since the beginning of time, he's been calling me his co-pilot. It was pretty cool to actually be the girl in the next seat with a base knowledge of who the eff to call if he has a heart attack in flight, and kind of actually be the co-pilot.


Unrelated, but this has taken the internet by surprising storm, so I know you're probably familiar, but I had to try this "How Old Do I Look" thing for myself.

And I'm just crying tears, laughing about it this morning:

Try it. I promise, you'll cry forever. Laughing or being sad -- either way, it's worth it.

Happy Sunday!

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