Highlights, Recaps, and Grace Thomas

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Earlier this week, I was being all kinds of boo-hoo-y and thinking that maybe blogging is dead. Or more specifically, my blog is dead. I was just exercising my generally well practiced whine: I'm so busy! I have a job that really requires me to actually work hard and a handful of side projects that take time, like eating dinner and forcing the dogs to get into selfies with me. Throw in staying on top of Dateline in there, too.

So much busy. How do I even live?

But then I was taking a "Who Said It - Disney Version" online quiz and I realized that I just need to get my shit together. I literally have plenty of time to throw together a blog once or so a week. Or more time to catch up on some Disney. I only got 75% correct.

So, quick highlights from the week:

-In all seriousness, someone asked me if I take Xanax. Which is actually a really friendly way to say you should take Xanax.

-In other curious questions, someone asked me if I "ever heard of rap music?" I considered turning down the Kendrick Lamar playing on my computer to say "You mean, like, Vanilla Ice?"

-I was pregnant with twins for a red hot second on April 1st.

-On a hundred occasions, I wished I was quicker, cleverer, and really witty. But, we can't be everything. I got nail polish skillz, and that's where my really interesting talents end.

You wanna know the best highlight of the week?

Hearing this girl say "Aunt Jenn --- Aunt Jenn Phone --- Aunt Jenn UP!" and a whole slew of other unintelligible baby babble that started with "Jenn".

Actually, I'm exaggerating. She got the "Jenn" part down, but doesn't seem to agree that I'm her aunt. She really just says "Jenn".

Whatever. She knows where love comes from.

Adelly just cracks me up because she's getting bigger and doing kid things now that are more hilarious than cutesy. And having conversations with her are just sparkly because she's such a funny, smart girl. She's on this American Girl kick -- which she tells me the cool kids all refer to as "AG" which sounds funny to me, because I'm all like "it's the AG OG" and she rolls her eyes because I am not hilarious and she is not amused.

"No Aunt Jenn. It's AG, not OG." And at the end of the day, she doesn't care about this Original Gangster business I'm telling her about.

Whatever. I'm not offended.

It's crazy. It was just Adelly for such a long time and when Riley came along, I couldn't imagine having any more room in my heart. But then, they both fit so perfectly in there. Two chambers, with doors and signs. One says "Adellia" the other says "Riley". And the future is so fun, because, who else fits in there? Who do I not know yet, that will fit just perfectly in there?

Who am I waiting for, that doesn't exist yet? How many places are reserved? Isn't that the craziest?

This picture makes me want to wax all kinds of nostalgic on the magic of sisters. I asked Adelly this weekend if she still thought it was cool to be a sister and, like it was planned or something, Riley cruised by on some unsteady, albeit lightning quick feet, waving Grace Thomas (Adelle's favorite AG OG) in the air before launching the doll into the kitchen with a pretty decent throw. Basically, Adelly was like, "Um, not really."

Give it time, boo-boo. Your mom and I had the same disrespect for each other's Grace Thomas' and now we're totally cool.


It's Easter weekend! If I had more self control, I'd have a return to Facebook in my Easter basket. But I have none, so it'll just be black jelly beans and Peeps for me. That's okay though. I like black jelly beans.

Ry and I are headed downstate this morning and I'm looking forward to pounding the sidewalk on my favorite college campus again. There's something really special to me about being in Olivet. Usually when I head downstate (I feel like such a local for saying that), I go to Grand Rapids, because that's where my family is. But Lansing-ish was my stomping grounds, and even if I have no desire to make it my home again, there's something really good about familiarity.

Happy Easter -- whatever you believe in.

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