Easter 2015

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One quick word to completely set the tone for this post, you guys: Spring.

Well and I guess I should also include:
"it's here"
"it rocks"
"long live the 70-degree days"

I mean, everyone's happy.


So, I typically tend to be an independent road tripper. Ryan's usually not interested in going where I'm headed, so more often than not, I'm riding solo. Which is actually super because then I can listen to my kind of music the entire way without his standby commentary -- "It'll rot your brain, Jennifer."

Yeah, so boo-hoo right.

Family fun time, however, calls for his attendance. So last weekend, we piled up the pups, negotiated who would drive ("negotiate" is an overstatement. He took the keys and I pouted in the passenger seat), and cruised the highway in musical silence.

Now, there's not a scorecard, and even if there was, it would come out equal. But round one would definitely go to my family because we have babies.

And hanging out with a 9-year old on the eve of the Easter Bunny's annual visit? Friggin' priceless. She's about a 1000% concerned with making sure he's got some carrot snacks waiting for him and seriously wondering how early she can wake up her parents.

Basically my sister is like, "The bunny visits our house last. Let's say 9ish?

Adelly is all, whatevs. But instead, let's say 5ish. 

In other unrelated news, I explained timezones to Adelle, who now knows that there is not a chance in bunny hell that Eastern Standard Time gets visited after the west coast.

Moving on to round two, which my family promptly loses, because while we have babies, we also have freak-outs.


Round three is earned legitimately and Team Hodges rocks this one.

Candy filled eggs.
Peeps and Pups.
A lake with no ice.

And for laughs, an Uncle Ryan who still doesn't get that kids are small. We do this every year -- it was a solid 20 minutes of a bunch of kids yoga-stretching and standing on things to find eggs that are so high up, they can't even see them.

Round four -


Round five -- the great equalizer. Let's call it "All The Good Things"


Remember last Easter ? If you don't, I'll force it on you here. Ha! And if you're wondering -- I didn't make any chocolate covered strawberries this year. It wouldn't have worked anyway, my Oma wasn't on hand to guarantee a success. Ha again!

And finally, just a small call to action, should you have any leftover peeps that you just can't bear to look at, well, you know where to find me.


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