Big Sisters + My Very Interesting Life

by - 8:04 AM

You guys, my two best friends are pregnant now. Which leaves a girl without a lot of drinking partners, actually.

My big sister announced this happy surprise on Friday (which proves the best day of the week actually can be even cooler -- exponentially so).

Of course, my unrelated best friend KJ has been expecting for a while now and the countdown is on. Her husband is still up for day drinking -- thank you sweet baby Jesus, so I didn't have to be judged alone on Saturday morning while the three of us personally opened the local Buffalo Wild Wings at 11am.


I'm doing very important things too, if you're wondering. Like finding the most perfect shade of baby pink nail polish on Saturday afternoon. I've only been searching forever. Or since February -- whatever.

I also completely cleared my inbox, which feels like it hasn't been done since 1992, so there's a win as well.


So, my weekend was dedicated to a dance recital, and to listening to techno-fied jams while watching little girls show me how agile I never was. It was a good time -- but I couldn't help getting a little Jesus-weeping-in-Gethsemane emotional about my nieces not really being little girls anymore. I'm all about hyperboles this morning, so let's just assume that I've been to only about a hundred of these things. The girls used to be cute and clumsy and full of cartwheels. Now they're all ballet leap-y and kind of graceful. They're actual teenagers now, so maybe it's time I stop referring to them as "little girls". They'd probably appreciate it, anyway.

I took a lot of pictures, so let's talk about the recital another day, yes?

Happy Weekending!

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