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Really quick, my week in a nutshell (or sentence, whatever):

Ryan wants to take his "baby girl" out for a ride.

Let me be clear when I say, I am not baby girl.

I'll be brief, because while I enjoy riding on the back of a motorcycle, I don't actually really care about them. Long story shortened nicely: Ry bought this thing last fall. Circa November, it was black and looked like something a man with a beard and some leather chaps would like to ride it. Ry has neither of those two features, so he painted it and loved it and switched out a doo-hickey here and there until it looked like something a getting-close-to-middle-aged man who feels nostalgic about the '90's would like to ride.



So, this is fun. I keep a fairly detailed daily notebook. It's a little like a diary, but more factual than embarrassing, or interesting I guess.

i.e. - 4/17/12 -- Today I went grocery shopping. Meijer was out of the good yogurt.

It's always been Ryan, so there's not so much of the "and I love Tommy Atkinson so much. Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson forever. Tommy is my crush 4-eva" type thing. Tommy, by the way, is a real person. He was in my kindergarten class and I really did love him.

Wonder what happened to him.

Anyway, I digress.

The point is, a year ago, this past week, I interviewed for the job I'm currently in. Sort of. I then suffered a brief 24-hour emotional breakdown, before scheduling my second interview.

You guys! My whole life changed 1-year ago. Isn't that the coolest? This time last year, I was imagining what it might be like to live within the vicinity of the lake and be a "Northern Michigan gal". Now, I can see that lake from my windows.

That's mild exaggeration, just for the record. Only if it's wintertime, and there's no leaves on the trees, and I look from the upstairs window. That's not the point though.


Don't you love weekends?

 I'm really willing to suggest that nobody loves 'em more than this dude. I mean, just look at this joy.

Speaking of joy, I'm not even embarrassed, the OG return to Teen Mom on MTV brings real joy to my Mondays. I seek like minded people to pretend this is some kind of scholastic endeavor and join me for watching parties so we can discuss the scientific improbability that was somehow miraculously disregarded when Gary managed to procreate with two separate women.

I mean, personally, my mind is blown. But you know, different strokes for different folks.

Anyway, I'm trying to class it up and treat it like some kind of discussion driven club. And I know really reaching here.


I'm clearly up to very riveting things these days. Ha!

Happy Sunday!

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