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Sometimes, I really try to decide which is the best day of the week. Friday hours between 12:45 and 5:05 are pretty good, like I'm still being productive, but a few drinks are in sight. Saturday's great, right? Wake up with a full 24 hours in front of you, get the laundry out of the way I guess. But then Sunday -- Sunday's gotta be the best because I did the laundry yesterday!

In my next life, I want to come back as a dog or a really well loved cat. There are just some weeks - like when I'm making very important decisions about what the best day of the week is - when I'm pretty confident that I couldn't get bored of sleeping all day and eating meals that I don't have to prepare for myself. Obsessive window watching doesn't even sound so bad.

Anyway -- yesterday was a full 30-degrees, which felt downright tropical. I went out to find some features for my first Style Section assignment, and it felt so freakin' good to just be outside again. Last summer, Ryan and I got into going for bike rides and I really really loved it. I haven't been a pedal bike rider since I was 10, so the first few times I was winded and trailed a good bazillion feet behind Ryan who somehow manages to be more physically fit than me regardless of his mediocre health habits. Frustrating. But anyway, it became my favorite thing to do after work on Friday night because it just felt really unwind-y and it also made me feel less bad about a post-ride strawberry milkshake.

Obviously we haven't been out since Novemberish and I just remembered how much I liked it yesterday, when I was out and about by myself. I always jump on the "come-on summer!" countdown right around December 26th, but usually only because I like flip-flops and the smell of sunscreen, this year though, I'm so ready to enjoy being outside again.

So, back to Sundays, okay. Sunday is brunch day, which I think is true for a lot of people, judging only by the wait we usually have at the Flap Jack Shack, even though we tell ourselves every single weekend that we're going to get there before 10am. 

Well, that's just about never true. 

And I guess we congratulate ourselves if we manage to beat the church crowd. 

In other news, I've spent a lot of time in bookstores lately. This is good for two reasons: a.) I've been doing a lot of writing lately which is great for my brain and even better for my pocket book and b.) it's like I forgot that new books come out all the time. 

I have this stack of books that I've picked up from Goodwill that I'm trying to plow through this year. I haven't read any of them prior, but they're all, for the most part, books that I've heard of. I have a real respect for book club awards or other badges of recognition, which typically serve as a side dish to publicity. So anyway, when I see those books for a quarter, I scoop 'em up. 

This week though, I plodded around a few different local retailers and found some possible treasures. 


Alright, so on the agenda for this particular Sunday:

 - Possibly a drive to Detroit. Ryan's got a Range Rover in his heart that, if I'm very unlucky, will join the fleet and officially take my parking spot in the driveway. 
- Temporary tattoos. They were a $1 and I'm only a little embarrassed. Actually, when I bought them, I told Ry that they're for our nieces, which is obviously a lie. 
- Brunch with the church crowd. 

Well, that's it for me. 

Happy Sunday!

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