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So, every Saturday starts largely the same. My internal clock doesn't speak the weekend language, so roughly around 6:30, I hear a ding-ding-ding that is actually silent, so how in the eff I hear it is beyond me. Anyway, I get up, clean the kitchen and do three loads of laundry before Ryan gets up.

Occasionally, I consider how cool it would be to have a percolator and self-cleaning floors. And if I'm feeling supremely wifely, I'll make cinnamon rolls. I really only feel wifely to that extent about once every three months, so you can skip this whole part and just focus on the imaginary alarm clock and laundry part.

I digress --

Once Ryan rolls out of bed, I swear on my very own life that the same exact conversation ensues every, single, Saturday.

Me: "Ry, let's do something interesting today. Let's adventurize or something, what do you say?"
Ryan: "Yeah yeah!" (or something to that effect).

Many thumbs up, head nodding, and "yeah-yeahs". No high-fives, but a general air of agreement and an adventure ready spirit.

So yesterday we are feeling damn adventurous when we hop in the car with a couple of food related Groupons in hand and hit the road. We intended to visit the Leelanau ice caves (click the link, they're incredible) but didn't actually find them, so mostly we just trudged over the frozen great lakes and made some really mediocre jokes about walking on water. It was still pretty cool -- Michigan is beautiful in the most insane ways. I really prefer summer, but this is worth seeing.

This, the planned adventure, delivered nicely.

Up next is the unplanned adventure.Which sucked, but gave us a really good conversation point - so: go!

Anyway. No day is complete without talking about cars for at least a hot minute, and no weekend is finished until plans have been made to go look at one. This is fairly routine too, but here's where the adventure comes in, because ice caves just weren't doin' it.

So, we pull into this long, downhill driveway that leads to a house right on Lake Michigan and I pretend to not even be jealous a little bit by the most prime location ever and continue perusing the newspaper. Actually, I intended to take a quick nap while Ryan checked out this car.

I'm just going to spoiler alert right now: Ryan does not buy the car.

We however, proceed to get stuck in this driveway. I neglected to suggest that the downhill, now uphill escape, was covered in ice, because I thought the foreshadowing would be too strong, but even as we pulled in, I really thought it was a bad idea.

Quick interjection -- circa 2005, my Opa taught me how to drive a stick. I hated it and whined pretty hard, but he didn't give up. His thought process was that I could be a total idiot and it would make perfect sense that I'd end up at a party with a drunk boyfriend who drove a stick and should definitely not be driving me home. The idea was that I should be able to drive me home, no matter whose car it took to get there. Fair enough, I'd say.

That actually never happened to me. But, I did get stuck in a ice covered, uphill drive way that my undrunk husband had to manually push me out of, while I managed the manual.

Long story short, there were rugs, dirt, rock salt and questions about kitty-litter -- and a full two hours --involved in getting the car out of this driveway where we didn't even buy the car in question. Ryan's sweatshirt was completely wet when we eventually made our escape, and I was initially thinking that it was melted snow from being outside for so long. It wasn't. It was sweat.

For the entire rest of the drive home, I was paranoid about driving up or down any snow covered hill.


I know that it sounds like a quick adventure because you just read it in 30 seconds, but there were two hours of pushing, wheel spinning, and "Okay Jennifer, keep the RPMs low this time" --"Jennifer! Turn your wheels to the left" and "STOP Jennifer. STOP!"

For a car that we didn't even buy.

Kohls and FRIENDS doesn't even sound so bad anymore, now does it?


Sunday adventures: shopping because that's my kind of two-hour excitement. AND preparing for my very best friends' visit next weekend. 2015 is my 10-year anniversary of best friendship with these cats and I am just about as excited as a girl can be!

Cheers! Happy Sunday! May you always have snow tires and 4-wheel drive!

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